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DyStar responds to COVID-19

Amid the rapid spread of COVID-19 around the world, DyStar’s global operations continue to adapt to the development of the situation and to mitigate potential risks or impacts across the business. While the trajectory is unknown, DyStar is guided by recommendations from the World Health Organization and the local government authorities, to proactively address situations that could possibly affect our people and customers. This is to ensure that we have effective plans and standard procedures to minimize the disruption of our global operations.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
As a globally operating company, each of our operating sites, manufacturing plants, offices have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place to sustain our operations and the supply chains we serve. The BCP, owned by our Business Continuity Management Team, provides clear guidance for all local operations, such as Administration, Customer Services, Finance, Logistics Services, Sales and Technical Support as well as Procurement, to enable all functions to continue operating effectively to serve our customers, distributors and agents.

Denim Expert Ltd are producing facing mask for safety issue

  • Bangladeshi supplier offers production capacity to produce face masks and PPE on a non-profit basis
  • Reaching out to global agencies to build partnerships to help tackle COVID-19 crisis
  • “Now is the time for our whole industry to stand together”

A leading Bangladeshi garment manufacturer is offering the manufacturing capacity of his world-class facility for the production of protective face masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on a non-profit basis to help tackle the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Denim Expert Limited Managing Director, Mostafiz Uddin, has reached out to the global community including brands & retailers, governments, embassies, donors, development agencies, global apparel associations and bodies in these unprecedented times.

Mr. Uddin is offering the capacity, skills and production expertise of his factory and wants to develop partnerships to meet much-needed short-term demand for masks and PPE in the battle against COVID-19.

Oerlikon: New thrust pad contacting device for the Baltic crimper

Less wear and superior fiber quality

Technological changes to Oerlikon Neumag’s Baltic crimper thrust pad contacting device have resulted in considerably reduced friction in the crimper rolls and hence less wear and fewer metal particles contaminating the crimped staple fibers.

Thrust pads close the gap between the crimper rolls on either side. Normally, these thrust pads are continually pressed – under high pressure – against the sides of the crimper rolls. Wear and metal debris on the thrust pads is the result of this constant contact. The metal debris can contaminate the fibers, something that is particularly undesirable in hygiene applications.

Brown pushing plan to address shortage of personal protective equipment

Brown Wrote to President Outlining Critical Steps White House can Take Now to Address Shortage of Personal Protective Equipment

 U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) hosted a news conference call to discuss his plan for addressing the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) needed by healthcare workers on the frontline of keeping Americans healthy and safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

This weekend, Brown wrote to President Trump outlining several steps the Administration should take immediately to address the shortage and ramp up manufacturing of these critical medical supplies.

autoneum: Annual General Meeting: waiver of dividend for 2019 financial year

All proposals submitted by the Board of Directors were approved at the Annual General Meeting of Autoneum Holding Ltd. In view of the net loss in the 2019 financial year, a dis-tinct majority of shareholders agreed to the proposal to forgo a dividend payment.

In consideration of COVID-19 Ordinance 2 of the Federal Council, no shareholders were admitted to physically attend the Annual General Meeting on site. The Company therefore requested the shareholders in advance to transfer their votes to the independent voting proxy. He represented 59.8% of the total 4 672 363 shares issued.

Devan offers antiviral solutions for textiles' professional workers

Textile innovator and specialty chemical producer Devan answers questions regarding anti-viral textile finish solutions following the growing spread of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Over the past few weeks, Devan has received a lot of questions regarding an antiviral solution for textiles against Sars-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. “Not a big surprise since we put BI-OME AV forward 3 years ago. Testing has been done in cooperation with Institut Pasteur de Lille”, says Devan CEO Sven Ghyselinck. Devan studied enveloped viruses (e.g. H1N1, Corona-types, etc.) as well as naked viruses (e.g. Rotavirus). For both virus families, BI-OME AV showed strong to excellent activity in wet state.

Lenzing suspends 2020 guidance due to COVID-19 crisis

As a result of the global COVID-19 crisis, the Lenzing Group expects based on recent developments a negative impact on its textile sales volume. The potential impact cannot yet be reliably estimated, as it strongly depends on the duration of the crisis as well as its further effects on the global economy and textile markets. Consequently, Lenzing suspends its result forecast for 2020 as disclosed on March 12, 2020, when it expected the result for 2020 to be below the level of 2019. In order to mitigate a potentially stronger than expected decline in earnings, Lenzing has already started to implement cost saving measures across its sites globally.

Mimaki Expands Portfolio with Large-Scale 3D Printer

New Mimaki 3DGD-1800 3D printer boasts ground-breaking production speeds and transforms production of large-sized objects, opening up a wide range of new possible applications across industries from sign and display to manufacturing.

Mimaki Europe, a leading manufacturer of inkjet printers and cutting systems, today announces the launch of the new Mimaki 3DGD-1800 3D printer, facilitating large-scale production up to three times faster than with conventional Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) type 3D printers.

Beverly Knits Inc. produces face masks for health care workers

Beverly Knits Inc. is proud to be involved in the effort led by Hanes and Parkdale to help support the fight against COVID-19. Working with a coalition of textile companies, we are ramping up production in the USA to provide face masks for health care workers on the frontlines. With the combined efforts of many small and medium-size companies, we are retooling our production lines to begin manufacturing immediately.

Beverly Knits is coordinating the production of up to 1.5 million masks produced domestically per week. Ron Sytz, CEO of Beverly Knits, said “It is an honor to be working with great American companies, united to supply critical resources to healthcare workers and first responders”.

Companies on the Beverly Knits team

  • Clover Knits
  • Contempora Knits
  • Carolina Cotton Works
  • Southfork Finishing
  • National Safety Apparel
  • A Lava & Sons
  • Wells Hosiery
  • Jomel Industries
  • LA Corp
  • Greenwood Mills


autoneum: Coronavirus pandemic massively impacts course of business

The corona pandemic has a significant impact on the global economy and thus also on the global automotive industry. The temporary plant closures at almost all customers in all regions will result in a revenue decline at Autoneum in the current year, the extent of which cannot yet be estimated.

In addition to the ongoing cost-saving programs, Autoneum has therefore decided on a comprehensive set of measures to further increase the flexibility of personnel and material expenses. This includes staff adjustments, e.g. by reducing the number of temporary employees in plants. In addition, short-time work at the Swiss sites, the Group’s headquarters in Winterthur and at the Sevelen plant (canton of Sankt Gallen), as well as short-time work in some other European countries and temporary closures of production facilities in various regions in line with those of customers are being implemented. With these measures, Autoneum is at the same time making its contribution to protecting the workforce, breaking chains of infection and containing the spread of this pandemic.


Study - Asia

Technical University Darmstadt conducts study

"India and China as procurement markets". A comparative study for the German textile industry

Textination members can request the results of the study under the keyword China-India by mail: news@textination.de.

Study - Austria

Bank Austria presents study on textile and clothing industry

In May 2017 the bank presented its industry report on the Austrian textile and clothing industry.

You can find the download link for the study in our newsline from 18 July 2017.

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