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Photo: LYCRA® naturalFX™ technology powered by HeiQ
LYCRA® naturalFX™ technology powered by HeiQ

HeiQ and The LYCRA Company: Added-value technology for cotton knitwear

  • LYCRA® naturalFX™ technology offers durable comfort stretch and fit for 100% cotton knitwear.

HeiQ and The LYCRA Company created a new and durable solution for 100% cotton fabric, adding stretch and recovery properties while keeping it fully recyclable.

HeiQ, a leader in performance finish technologies, and The LYCRA Company, a leader in developing innovative and sustainable fiber and technology solutions for the apparel and personal care industries, announced the launch of LYCRA® naturalFX™ technology, a proprietary textile finishing process for 100% cotton knit garments designed for mass market applications.

LYCRA® naturalFX™ technology, powered by HeiQ, enhances cotton knitwear, addressing critical consumer pain points, and improving the consumer’s overall wearing experience. This technology provides durable comfort stretch, fit, and soft hand-feel to 100% cotton knitwear compared to conventional finishes. Even after repeated washing and wearing, LYCRA® naturalFX™ technology helps knitwear retain its shape, which helps extend the garment’s lifespan and potentially reduce its environmental impact.