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Circular Valley Convention 2025: New Platform for the circular economy

The Circular Valley Convention is a new trade fair format organised by Messe Düsseldorf in cooperation with the non-profit Circular Valley Foundation and with scientific support from the renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety, and Energy Technology called UMSICHT.

The convention looks at the circular economy from a holistic perspective: across industries and materials – and all phases of the circular economy, from smart circular design to the reuse and further utilisation of products.

As a central global platform for the circular economy, it brings together decision-makers and experts from business, academia, politics, and society in one place. Under the motto "Uniting Industries for a Circular Tomorrow", it promotes their networking in order to present and jointly develop circular solutions and processes and drive forward the transformation towards a circular economy.

Natural Materials Panel at Functional Fabric Fair

  • “Natural Materials: The Path Towards Brand Responsibility” Panel Discussion Comes to Functional Fabric Fair in NYC

As global regulations and increased customer concern drive the demand for sustainable products, forward thinking brands are increasingly turning to natural materials as a sustainable alternative.

This panel will spotlight how newer biomass-based textiles are complementing established materials like down and wool to not only enhance performance but also to meet evolving consumer demands for eco-friendly products.

Hosted by textile industry communications agency Formidable Media and scheduled for Tuesday, July 16, this panel will provide an inside look at how natural materials can be leveraged to grow brand responsibility while elevating textile performance.

Carrington Textiles releases Sustainability Report

Carrington Textiles announces the release of their first sustainability report, highlighting some of Carrington Textiles’ significant achievements in environmentally responsible activities.

The report, presented by RTS Textiles group, Carrington Textiles’ parent company, outlines various aspects, including their organisation’s structure, sustainability approach, social performance and future targets.

Key highlights include an investment of over €16.7 million across sites to enhance environmental performance through the purchase of equipment, such as a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit, biomass boilers and solar panels.

Additionally, the report sheds light on threir carbon roadmap, covering emissions under scopes 1, 2, and 3.

Italian Textile Machinery Industry ready for Green Transition

Maintaining a focus on innovation despite the uncertainties that characterize the current international scenario was emphasized during the General Assembly of ACIMIT, the Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers Association, held in Milan on July 9. ACIMIT president, Marco Salvadè, showcased the data of the Italian textile machinery industry. In 2023, production decreased by 16%, settling at a value of 2.3 billion euros, as did exports, which also fell by 16% (2 billion euros).

China, Turkey, India, and the United States remain the main destinations for Italian textile machinery manufacturers. In 2023, demand for machinery in these markets was weak, but some positive signals emerged in the first quarter of the current year, especially from the Chinese market and again from Egypt, Pakistan, Brazil, and Japan. “2024 will still be a year characterized by many uncertainties,” commented Salvadè, “mainly due to the uncertainty of the geopolitical situation and fluctuations in final demand”.

Coloreel Group AB files for bankruptcy

Coloreel Group AB, a pioneering Swedish technology company known for its instant thread dyeing technology, today announced that it has filed for bankruptcy. The decision comes after the company's inability to develop its business volume quickly enough and, related to this, secure the necessary financing.

Despite many in-depth discussions with financial investors and potential industrial partners to secure additional funding, Coloreel has been unable to overcome its financial hurdles.

Coloreel has aimed to transform the textile industry with unique coloring and design possibilities through a sustainable and efficient thread dyeing process. The company has over 90 customers in the global market, many of them well-known brands. Over 120 granted patents across 45 markets ensure robust protection of the innovative technology.

KARL MAYER North America: Successful Textiles Innovation Conference

The 2nd Textiles Innovation Conference held by KARL MAYER North America proved to be a complete success. The trade event took place from June 25 to 27, 2024 at the headquarters of the KARL MAYER GROUP subsidiary in Greensboro, North Carolina. The conference boasted a turnout with over 200 attendees, exhibitors, and keynote speakers. While the majority hailed from many states across the USA, the event also attracted a global audience, including participants from Italy, Canada, Mexico, and other countries. The central theme: the importance of textiles made in the USA, their value and influence on global markets.

RadiciGroup: New traceability projects at Milano Unica

A navy blue nylon dress, providing elegance and comfort to the wearer while simultaneously highlighting the entire Made in Italy production chain: this is the new project RadiciGroup is presenting at Milano Unica, from July 9th to 11th at the Innovation Forum promoted by the TexClubTec section of Sistema Moda Italia.

The dress is the result of a traceability project led by RadiciGroup, involving different players in the textile sector: from the yarn producer to the fabric manufacturer to the final consumer.

A "tracer" has been inserted into the yarn, which is detectable through a scanner and allows to map the entire garment creation process - both physically and digitally - from the origin of the fibre to the item end of life. Through a QR code printed on the label, all the "stages" defining the outfit's journey can be seen, including the production of the fabric made by another company from Bergamo, Sitip. In this way, the final consumers can learn more about the production sites of what they wear, making more conscious purchasing choices.

EURATEX: Launch of TCLF SkillBridge Project

EURATEX together with COTANCE and CEC hosted the TCLF SkillBridge Stakeholder Event, an important step towards forming regional skills partnerships by bringing together various stakeholders from industry, education, and public sectors.

Co-financed by the European Commission, TCLF SkillBridge aims to establish and nurture regional partnerships between TCLF industries, regional authorities, and local universities and VET providers. The project will target up to 25 European regions with a strong concentration of textile, clothing, leather or footwear industries.  This regional focus will allow the development of specific action plans related to reskilling and upskilling, which meet the needs of each target region. The project will support the creation of such partnerships, facilitate community exchanges for knowledge sharing, and provide support to SMEs, enabling them to upskill and reskill their workforce in tune with the evolving demands of the industry.

Asahi Kasei presents fibrillation finishing technology and LCA study report

Bemberg™ by Asahi Kasei presents its Velutine™ Evo brand, a finishing refinement technology developed by the Japanese laboratories of Asahi Kasei for Bemberg™. It offers a new way to generate fibrillation, featuring fabrics with a more “quiet-relaxed” appearance combined with a delicate and sensitive touch. VelutineTM Evo also brings environmental, global warming (CO2 emission) and water profiles for the benefit of BembergTM partners in the manufacture.

Lenzing appoints new Executive Vice President of Commercial Textiles

Lenzing Group announces the appointment of Kit Ping Au-Yeung as the Executive Vice President of Commercial Textiles with immediate effect. This strategic leadership appointment highlights Lenzing’s commitment to strengthen its integral leadership roles and fuel the growth of its core textile businesses. Kit Ping succeeds Florian Heubrandner, who will take on a new role as Executive Vice President of Filament to reinforce the expansion of Lenzing’s global filament business.


Study - Asia

Technical University Darmstadt conducts study

"India and China as procurement markets". A comparative study for the German textile industry

Textination members can request the results of the study under the keyword China-India by mail: news@textination.de.

Study - Austria

Bank Austria presents study on textile and clothing industry

In May 2017 the bank presented its industry report on the Austrian textile and clothing industry.

You can find the download link for the study in our newsline from 18 July 2017.

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