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EURATEX’s ReHubs initiative: Fiber-to-fiber recycling

The ReHubs initiative brings together key European and world players to solve the European textile waste problem by transforming “waste” into a resource, and to boost textile circular business model at large scale.

This collaboration is set to turn the societal textile waste issue into a business opportunity and to fulfil the EU ambitions of the Green Deal, of the mandatory texile waste collection by end 2024 and the transition into Circular Economy.

In 2020 EURATEX launched the ReHubs initiative to promote collaboration across the extended textile value chain and considering all perspectives on chemicals, fibers making, textiles making, garments production, retail and distribution, textiles waste collection, sorting and recycling.

In June 2022 ReHubs completes a Techno Economic master Study (TES) which researches critical information on the feedstock (textile waste) data, on technology, organizational and financial needs to recycle 2.5 million tons of textile waste by 2030 and to effectively launch the ReHubs.

Lectra announces the launch of its Automotive Cutting Room 4.0 offer

The automotive industry currently faces a complex set of market dynamics: rising material and transport costs, reduced budgets, changing consumer expectations, increasing challenges related to CSR, etc. In this context, improving efficiency across the whole value chain has become a strategic priority for vehicle and equipment manufacturers. Lectra supports its customers by designing and developing cutting-edge solutions that combine software, equipment, data and services to make its offer the gateway to Industry 4.0.
With Industry 4.0, a new range of possibilities is opening up to businesses. The concept and its technologies bring in new value creation and cost control models based on synchronized, flexible and fast processes.

VDMA: Junior engineers with focus on sustainability

On the occasion of the Techtextil fair in Frankfurt, the Chairman of VDMA’s Walter Reiners-Stiftung Foundation, Peter D. Dornier, has awarded prizes to seven successful young engineers. For the first time, the Foundation awarded two Sustainability Awards. They are awarded to academic works in which, for example, solutions for resource-saving products and technologies are developed.

A Sustainability Prize in the category Project Work, endowed with 3.000 euros was awarded to Simon Hoebel, TU Dresden, for his thesis on recycled thermoplastic fibres for composite components.
Marina Michel, TU Dresden, received a Sustainability Award in the category Master, worth 3.500 euros. The topic of her master thesis was the functionalisation of yarns for the filtration of micro- and nanoplastics from water.

A Promotion Prize in the category Project Work, endowed with 4.000 euros, was awarded to a student group from RWTH Aachen. The teamwork of Luis Gleissner, Leopold Habersbrunner, Frederic Olbrich and Frederik Schicks was the construction of a test rig for tests on oil-adsorbing textiles.

Avgol® wins Innovation Award at the RIGHT Hygiene conference

  • Biotransformation technology for nonwovens

Avgol® has received the prestigious Innovation Award at the RIGHT Hygiene conference in recognition of its collaboration with Polymateria in development of pioneering biotransformation technology for nonwovens.
Biotransformation is a unique functionality wherein a conventional nonwoven fabric can be modified to react to certain triggers to then begin a cascade, and importantly a fundamental chemical transformation of the polymer resin into a wax that is readily degraded by natural bacteria, microbes and fungi normally found in the environment.
“The transformation is triggered through the combined effects of the natural elements of decay - air, moisture, heat and sunlight,” said Mr. Sanjay Bhayani, Director of India Operations with Avgol. “Once triggered, the material will transform into a low molecular weight wax structure leaving no microplastics or toxic residue behind. Moreover, if the product comprising the biotransformation technology is disposed of in the normal way and facilities are available, then it can be recycled by readily available means.”

Kelheim Fibres wins Techtextil Innovation Award

The viscose specialities manufacturer Kelheim Fibres has won the Techtextil Award in the "New Concept" category for their project "Cellulose-based nonwovens for highly absorbent reusable products".
This award is intended to make cutting-edge developments visible, promote unconventional thinking and intensify the dialogue between researchers, manufacturers.

The starting point for the innovation was the search for a washable and thus reusable absorbent pad made of completely bio-based materials for the cloth diaper of the Berlin-based start-up Sumo.
Two main requirements of the application are obvious: A fast and efficient liquid distribution and high absorbency should minimise rewetting and leakage. Both are ensured by speciality viscose fibres from Kelheim, which have been making this essential contribution to absorbent hygiene products such as tampons for many years. The obvious solution was therefore to optimally utilise the synergies between knitted and woven structures with nonwovens.

Nominations Open for RISE® Innovation Award

INDA, the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, has announced the nomination process is now open for the annual RISE® Innovation Award. The prestigious award will be presented at the RISE® (Research, Innovation & Science for Engineered Fabrics) Conference – September 27-28, 2022, at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC.  RISE® 2022 is a two-day conference presenting insightful research and science that propels product development.

Companies, academic institutions, research centers, and individuals are invited to nominate their advances in nonwovens and engineered materials at https://www.riseconf.net/award-submission.html until the July 15, 2022 deadline.

Lenzing AG revises its dividend policy

Minimum dividend of EUR 4.50 per share as of the 2023 financial year

Having concluded its strategy update, the Managing Board of Lenzing AG decided to revise its dividend policy today. This demonstrates Lenzing’s confidence in its ambitious growth plans and its ability to consistently providing attractive dividends to shareholders.

As of the 2023 financial year (with payment scheduled for 2024), Lenzing plans to pay an annual dividend of at least EUR 4.50 per share (adjusted for inflation for the years thereafter). The revised dividend policy is subject to the approval of the Supervisory Board.

The payment of the dividend in any year will be subject to the specific dividend proposals of the Managing Board and the Supervisory Board. These proposals may deviate from the new dividend policy if appropriate under the then prevailing circumstances and will be subject to the approval of the Annual General Meeting.

GOTS Standard revision process enters next phase

The ongoing revision process to the GOTS Standard document and supporting Manual for Implementation garnered a robust response during its first public comment period, which ended on June 13 and elicited over 300 inputs. Of that, about 60 percent of comments were related to technical criteria such as ecology, chemical inputs, and material quality; and around 30 percent concerned GOTS social criteria. The Standard sets forth the requirements for organic textiles throughout the entire processing chain. GOTS’s commitment to making every version stronger ensures that the Standard continues to be a dynamic and evolving document and remain at the forefront as the most recognized and respected global standard for textiles.

The first draft of the revised standard, GOTS version 7.0, was made available for an initial 60-day comment period. Stakeholders, associations, organisations, companies and individuals were encouraged to contribute to the revision of the Standard during this timeframe. The Standard is updated every three years, ensuring that GOTS keeps up with advances in the industry and developments in the science and technology of textile processing.

Autoneum publishes Corporate Responsibility Report 2021

  • Joining Science Based Targets initiative

ith its Advance Sustainability Strategy 2025 launched in 2018, Autoneum defined ambitious goals in the areas of environment, society and governance. In the past year, significant quantitative and qualitative improvements were achieved, as shown in the Corporate Responsibility Report 2021 published today. For example, CO2 emissions were reduced in 2021 and the proportion of reused production scrap (recycling) was significantly increased.

Dr Sharon McGuinness selected as ECHA’s new Executive Director

The Management Board of the European Chemicals Agency has selected Dr Sharon McGuinness as ECHA’s next Executive Director. As part of the appointment procedure, she will make a statement before the European Parliament and answer questions from its members. This is tentatively scheduled for 4 July 2022.

Dr Sharon McGuinness, an Irish national, is the Chief Executive Officer of the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) in Ireland since 2018. Prior to this, she was the Assistant Chief Executive for the Chemicals and Prevention Division within the Authority, with responsibility for division management, policy provision, advice and enforcement for a wide range of occupational health and safety, chemical and market surveillance legislation aimed at protecting human health and safety for workers and consumers.

She was a member of ECHA’s Management Board between 2014-2020 and Chair of the Board between 2016-2020. She graduated from the University College Dublin with a B.Sc. (Hons) in pharmacology and chemistry, and she holds a PhD in pharmacology, as well as diplomas in Legal Studies and Company Direction.


Study - Asia

Technical University Darmstadt conducts study

"India and China as procurement markets". A comparative study for the German textile industry

Textination members can request the results of the study under the keyword China-India by mail: news@textination.de.

Study - Austria

Bank Austria presents study on textile and clothing industry

In May 2017 the bank presented its industry report on the Austrian textile and clothing industry.

You can find the download link for the study in our newsline from 18 July 2017.

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