Trendbook Technical Textiles 2020/2021 - The Textile World 2030

Trendbook Technical Textiles 2020/2021

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In order to be able to make reliable business decisions and assess development projects with confidence, carefully researched market data and clear trend statements from experts are of central importance for the industry. This is why we - the trade journal Technical Textiles / Technische Textilien – published a completely new, comprehensively and in detail researched, multi-part workbook for the first time in 2011 that provided you with the necessary figures, facts and short-term forecasts.

The 6th edition 2020/2021 of the Trendbook Technical Textiles is entitled The Textile World 2030 and is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The 4 selected key themes are Decent Work & Economic Growth (SDG 8), Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure (SDG 9), Responsible Consumption & Production (SDG 12) and Climate Action (SDG 13). Each of these SDG was examined from the aspects directly relevant to the industry: technology, demography, key figures and investors & markets. Comprehensive analyses and assessments by experts were compiled to describe and explain the mega-trend in question, after which textile technologists were brought in to discuss specific application examples for fibers, nonwovens, finishing and technical textiles. Furthermore, the influence of the pandemic on the individual development areas was reflected as far as possible.

In addition, a European market overview with detailed company data is included on around 130 pages. It is divided into the areas of fibers/chemicals/textile auxiliaries, textile machinery and technical textiles.



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