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adidas: shoes made with underground roots of mushrooms

Made from renewable mycelium, the underground roots of mushrooms, Mylo is a new mushroom-based material innovation that looks and feels like leather.
The material from sporting goods producer adidas AG, Herzogenaurach/Germany, uses a process that takes advantage of a cutting-edge vertical agriculture technique, allowing the mycelium to be grown in a space-efficient system that increases the yield/m², with growth taking less than 2 weeks.
Mylo material is versatile as it can take on any color, finish or emboss. The concept shoe Stan Smith Mylo has an outer upper, perforated 3 stripes, heel tab overlay and premium branding made with Mylo. The midsole of the shoe is made with natural rubber.
The new concept was made possible through a unique and collaborative partnership with technology company Bolt Threads Inc. Emeryville, CA/USA.

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