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INDA: RISE Innovation Awards – innovative solutions in engineered materials

The 3 finalists of the RISE Innovation Award from the Association of the Nonwovens Fabrics Industry, INDA, Cary, NC/USA, will present their innovative material science solutions during the 10th edition of the Research, Innovation & Science for Engineered Fabrics Conference to be held completely virtually on September 29 - October 1, 2020.
The award recognizes novel innovations within and on the periphery of the nonwovens industry that creatively use next-level science and engineering principles to solve material challenges and expand the usage of nonwovens and engineered fabrics.
The finalists of 2020 RISE Innovation Awards are:
•    FemTech at MAS Holdings Pvt. Ltd. - Leakproof Absorbent Nursing Pads. Pregnant women need a better solution for managing breast milk leaks. FemTech nursing pads absorb 30 ml of fluid leaving the consumer feeling dry and confident.
•    Pedilay Care GmbH - Pedilay med. This is a ready-to-use foot bandage that encloses the foot up to the ankle and supports medical treatments. It saves valuable care time, since the bandage can be put on or taken off very gently within a few seconds.
•    The Nonwovens Institute - Spunbond High Efficiency Filter. A completely new approach to creating filtration media with the right efficiency at low pressure drop at a throughput of 350 kg/m/h. The pressure drop with this new filter is unmatched by any meltblown structure and does not require electrostatic charging.
The 3 finalists were selected by technical experts on INDA’s Technical Advisory Board.
For further information: www.riseconf.net/conference.php

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More information: INDA Awards engineered materials

RadiciGroup: focus on sustainability with set up of a non-profit consortium

The manufacturer of synthetic fibers and yarns, RadiciGroup, Gandino/Italy, has announced the founding of Radici InNova, a non-profit consortium. The new company’s main object is the development of new research and innovation projects for the chemical, high performance polymers and advanced textile solutions sectors, in accordance with the Radici Group sustainability strategy.
Radici InNova renews and strengthens RadiciGroup’s commitment to a development model that balances economic profitability with environmental sustainability and social equity.
By leveraging international competencies and targeted relationships with 3rd parties, Radici InNova will manage and coordinate all the Group’s strategically essential research activities, with the objective of strengthening the role of innovation as a driver for RadiciGroup development. Furthermore the new company will actively foster the continual improvement of products and processes, while optimizing the use of resources and lowering the environmental impact of its activities.


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More information: RadiciGroup

ITA: high-performance warp knitting machine for reinforced textiles

On January 21, 2021, the Institute of Textile Technology of RWTH Aachen University (ITA), Aachen/Germany, plans to unveil a new warp knitting machine, the Biaxtronic CO of the Karl Mayer Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Obertshausen/Germany, with a one-day industry event in Aachen.
With the procurement of the high-performance warp knitting machine with course-oriented weft-insertion system, further development and production of reinforcement structures for concrete matrices are aspired. Furthermore, the new machine will also be used for the development of functional samples/prototypes in other application fields such as:
•    production of hybrid knitted fabric structures over a nonwovens,
•    manufacture of unidirectional (UD) fabrics for fiber-reinforced plastics and plain knitted fabrics for thermal textiles in the mobility sector,
•    reinforcement of wound dressings in the medical textiles sector,
The new machine platform comes with new features which open up new research avenues for ITA and its research partners. The possibility to feed in base substrate will allow ITA to fundamentally research applications in the field of geotextiles.
Also, the installed Karl Mayer Command System “Kamcos” includes an ethernet interface for integration into an existing network, which fulfils the requirements for research topics in the field of Industry 4.0, inline quality control, sociology, networking of the process chain etc. The newly developed electronic guide bar control system and the possibility to vary process parameter inline will improve the product quality substantially and help in producing locally adapted tailored textiles.

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