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SPGPrints: reinvented mesh structure to eliminate moiré

Designs often make use of halftones and grids, which are based on an orthogonal orientation. Printing these designs with the common rotary screens can generate undesired moiré.
Due to the reinvented mesh structure of the OrtaScreen by the manufacturer of industrial printing machines SPGPrints, Boxmeer/Netherlands, moiré can be eliminated. The orthogonal orientation of the holes brings 4 bridges together instead of the 3 in hexagonal screens. The OrtaScreen features a 3-dimensional surface structure, allowing the paste of adjacent holes to flow together and to cover the textile substrate easily. It allows geometrical and halftone designs to be printed with high edge sharpness and leads to high print definition. Furthermore, blotch printing is taken to a new level.
OrtaScreen is already being used by textile printing company Menderes Tekstil, Izmir/Turkey, as a replacement for the previously used NovaScreen from SPGPrints.

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