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Low & Bonar: new underlay flooring product with honeycomb technology

The producer of technical textiles Low & Bonar Plc, London/UK, has signed a license agreement with the supplier of thermoplastic honeycomb technology EconCore N.V., Leuven/Belgium, for the use of their honeycomb technology.

Low & Bonar launched a new underlay flooring product at the Domotex trade show in Hanover/Germany, on January 10-13, 2020. The product, Colcore Sonic, uses EconCore’s continuous, high-volume production process for lightweight thermoplastic honeycomb sandwich panels. The underlay offers a unique combination of strength and acoustic performance.

The floor underlay product is deliverable on a roll, rather than as a rigid panel, making it very easy to handle, store and install. Colcore Sonic is lightweight and thin but with a high compression strength. It has very good soundproofing and levelling characteristics. It can be used with a range of hard flooring types such as vinyl click systems, flexible vinyl, laminate, hardwood and ceramic flooring.

Independent testing found that Colcore reduced impact sound by 20 dB and airborne sound transmission is 57 dB, both defined as the noise perceived in a room below. Radiated walking sound, defined as walking noise in the same room, registered at 56.4 Sone (a unit of loudness), considered to be a comfortable sound level, making the product suitable for flooring of both commercial and residential buildings.

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Bremen Cotton Exchange: transferring technology within the cotton industry

"Passion for Cotton!" is this year’s theme for the 35th International Cotton Conference, from March 25-27, 2020, in Bremen/Germany.
Prior to the conference, a seminar on current quality requirements along the textile value chain will be held on March 24, 2020. This seminar will not only consider the cotton industry. All textile fibers will be represented at the event. Plant managers of spinning mills and other textile processing companies, such as knitting and weaving mills, finishing and garment production are especially addressed as participants. However, speakers and partners from areas such as fiber production, yarn trade, textile machinery construction, quality testing technology, textile research institutes and as well as textile and clothing retailers will also be invited to present their views.
Some of the key issues in terms of quality are: What types of requirements are typical in the supply chain today and how are they developing? Which requirements are necessary to avoid complaints about yarn? How do we measure quality and evaluate quality defects?
Often these problems are not directly visible stepping up in the process, but only later in the processing chain. It is therefore not sufficient to look at the individual steps of the chain.
The seminar is organized by the Fiber Institute Bremen and the Bremen Cotton Exchange, both Bremen/Germany, the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF), Zurich/Switzerland, and the Industrial Association Finishing, Yarns, Fabrics, Technical Textiles (IVGT), Frankfurt/Germany. It is supported by the German Institute for Textile and Fiber Research (DITF), Denkendorf/Germany.

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Schoeller: a jacket for all seasons and all weather

How many jackets does one need? Is it possible to individually regulate the warmth of a jacket and adjust the personal feel-good factor? On January 14, 2020, in Berlin/Germany, the textile manufacturer Schoeller Textil AG, Sevelen/Switzerland, launched a technological innovation together with Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn/Germany, und der AlphaTauri Salzburg Sport GmbH, Fuschl am See/Austria: the Heatable Capsule Collection.
While Telekom is brings its technological components to the table, AlphaTauri designed the collection and Schoeller developed the heating technologies and fabrics as well as the electronic components.
The Heatable Capsule Collection kicks off with a jacket and a waistcoat/body warmer in 2 different colors. Wearers decide the level of warmth for themselves in the jacket or waistcoat. The clothing items are operated by app, and individual zones around the pocket and kidney areas can be heated.
The apparel is cross-seasonal, suitable for all cooler types of weather, and practical when travelling, hiking or for other sports. The ideal feel-good temperature can be selected from 2 heating levels and the partially heatable waistcoat can be worn alone or under a jacket.
Thanks to Schoeller E-Soft-Shell heating technology, the heat function is completely integrated into the fabric and localized as closely as possible to the wearer’s body. Furthermore, the inbuilt sensors can measure the microclimate temperature inside the jacket.

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Sioen: Jaqueline Sioen deceased

Jaqueline Sioen, the co-founder and director of the solution provider in technical textiles Sioen Industries NV, Ardooie/Belgium, passed away unexpectedly at the beginning of January 2020 at the age of 77.
Together with her late husband, Jean-Jacques Sioen, she founded the company Sioen Industries in 1960. The company grew from a 2-man business to a multinational and Jaqueline Sioen had an active role in this until 2014. In that year, she resigned as CEO of the Apparel Division. She remained a director of the Sioen Industries group until the end.

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More information: Sioen Jaqueline Sioen Obituaries

Freudenberg: performance through sustainability

For improving the environmental footprint of carpets, the producer of technical textiles Freudenberg Performance Materials Holding SE & Co. KG, Weinheim/Germany, is using high-performance materials.
At the Domotex in Hannover/Germany, on January 11-14, 2019, Freudenberg showcased tufted carpet backings, which bring the necessary dimensional stability required by digital printing machines for carpets. These primary and secondary backings for carpet tiles, broadloom carpets and walk-off mats are polyester spunlaids manufactured using a proprietary technology. They provide high dimensional stability, reliable and precise pattern repeat, optimal lay-flat characteristics and constant surface uniformity, as well as non-fraying edges.
In order to guarantee sustainability, Freudenberg recycles production waste materials, works continuously on developing products with a high share of recycled content and avoids the use of chemical binding agents. Furthermore, the polyester tuft backings made by Freudenberg are 100% recyclable.

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