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Swiss Textile Machinery Association: crisis-proof for 80 years

The Swiss Textile Machinery Association (Swissmem), Zurich/Switzerland, celebrates its 80th anniversary. During these years it has survived several crises.
The association was born out of a crisis situation. In 1940, a year after the start of World War II, events began to impact on the local machinery industry in Switzerland. One problem was a lack of skilled workers and another was a shortage of raw materials.
Solidarity created out of a need for steel led representatives from 22 companies to join forces in forming the first textile machinery group. This was the origin of what today has grown into Swissmem.
Over the years, there have been numerous periods of great difficulty for the industry: wars, global economic slumps and other crises of varying degrees of seriousness followed one after another. The profile of the world textile industry also changed. Mass production has long since migrated to the East and South-East. Swiss textile machinery today holds a leading position in the high-quality segment of special machines and top-actuality materials.
The crisis which Swissmem faces today is the corona pandemic. The full impact on the industry will only become apparent in the future

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