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bluesign: landmark criteria revisions

Through a landmark stakeholder collaboration, bluesign technologies ag, St. Gallen/Switzerland, has released newly revised criteria for continued environmental impact reduction for fashion and textile supply chain.
These revisions are especially noteworthy as they mark the first occasion in which the criteria revisions have taken place through close stakeholder collaboration. Starting in 2019, a number of stakeholders comprised of brands, NGOs, fellow industry consultants, chemical suppliers and a government institution, provided over 30 points for consideration with the aim of raising the benchmark and ensuring industry conformity. One primary goal was to increase transparency.
Key points of considerable influence for the industry are increased consideration on definitions and terminology, and the implementation of new sections such as the criteria for fiber manufactures. By establishing greater clarity within the revised criteria, the intent is to simplify the planning and implementation of goals, as well as to increase industry conformity to one set of understood definitions.
Newly created criteria documents include specific guidelines for fiber manufacturers’ production sites, and have been realized to bring into effect a chain of custody throughout the supply chain. To this end, requirements of fiber manufacturing include traceability of recycled fibers for bluesign approved materials.
The bluesign criteria come into effect immediately as of March 2020, with a transition period of 1 year.


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Texon: responsibility for sustainability and zero waste to newly appointed director

The supplier of high-performance material solutions Texon International Group Ltd., Hong Kong/China, has strengthened its commitment to becoming a zero waste organization by 2025 by raising responsibility for sustainability to director level. Boyd Mulder, who recently joined the Texon Management Team as Group Director for New Product Development & Innovation (NPDI), is now in charge of driving sustainability throughout the entire organization. In his new role, Mulder will have the task of seamlessly embedding sustainability throughout Texon’s value chain and its entire portfolio of material solutions.
Over the next 5 years, Texon will attempt to reduce its carbon footprint by 50%; cut the use of virgin materials by 50%; ensure that 90% of waste is recyclable or reusable; and reduce water usage and waste by 20%. To help deliver these goals, Mulder will lead the global execution of the company’s strategic roadmap for its product and marketing organization. As such, he will work across all Texon locations worldwide but will spend most of his time at the company’s manufacturing facility in Skelton/UK.
Previously, Mulder worked at electronics giant Philips NV, Amsterdam/Netherlands, in senior executive roles for global and regional businesses across 3 continents – before running his own business management consultancy in Hong Kong.

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nova-Institut: 1st International Conference on Cellulose Fibers

With 210 participants and 15 exhibitors from 26 different countries, the 1st conference on cellulose fibers organized by the nova-Institut, Hürth/Germany on February 11/12, 2020 in Cologne/Germany, was a great success. The focus of the conference was on markets, technologies and sustainability – and especially alternative cellulose feedstocks.
Cellulose fibers are the fastest growing fiber group in the textile industry and also the largest investment sector in the bio-based economy worldwide. The entire cellulosic segment, including viscose staple fibers and filaments as well as acetate tow, accounts for about 6 % of the world fiber market. This segment has continuously gained weight thanks to dynamic growth rates of viscose and lyocell fibers.

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