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Oerlikon Barmag: wiping robots increase production efficiency

Regular wiping of the spin packs is important for process stability and yarn quality. These can be positively influenced using wiping robots from the machine and system builder Oerlikon Barmag, Chemnitz/Germany, a subsidiary of the Oerlikon Manmade Fibers segment of Oerlikon Management AG, Pfäffikon/Switzerland, because the yarn break rate can be reduced by up to 30% by automating the wiping process.
The wiping robot can be retrofitted to numerous spinning plants. Suspended from a track system mounted on the ceiling, the system automatically and autonomously targets the individual positions in accordance with the scheduled wiping cycles. Depending on the degree of integration into Oerlikon Manmade Fibers Smart Factory solutions, the wiping robot is able to identify issues such as yarn breaks or parallel wiping processes and to independently offer solutions.
The wiping robot operates in a cross-line manner. Here, the wiping quality remains constant 24/7. The high wiping quality has a positive influence on both the stability of the overall process and on the yarn quality. The time saved between cleaning cycles is a further advantage: using the robots, the interval between 2 wiping processes can be extended by up to 25%.


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