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Winkler+Dünnebier: Marc Wolpers named new Vice President Sales Hygiene

Effective August 10, 2020, Marc Wolpers has taken over the position of Vice President Sales Hygiene, at the manufacturer of machinery Winkler+Dünnebier (W+D) GmbH, Neuwied/Germany.
In his new role, Wolpers will manage the entire sales department of the W+D hygiene solutions division and thus manage both the W+D sales team and sales for BICMA Hygiene Technology GmbH, Mayen/Germany. Previously, he was sales director at Trützschler Nonwovens GmbH & Co.KG, Egelsbach/Germany, and has extensive professional knowledge of the hygiene industry.
Ulrich Wald, who held this position until now, will remain active for the company and will again concentrate on dealing directly with key accounts.


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Lenzing: new guidance for FY 2020 as Covid-19 impacts sales

As a result of the global Covid-19 crisis, the producer of cellulosic fibers, Lenzing AG, Lenzing/Austria, suspended its guidance for 2020. Whilst it remains difficult to give a precise outlook for 2020, Lenzing assumes from today’s perspective that the revenue generation and operating performance of the remaining 2 quarters will exceed those of the 2nd quarter (Q2).
In the first half (H1) of 2020, the company faced a historically difficult market environment with increased pressure on prices and volumes resulting from the corona crisis. Sales declined by 25.6% from €1.09 billion to €810.2 million in the H1/2020. In addition to price effects, the company also felt the decline in demand for textile fibers in all regions. The slightly higher demand for fibers in the medical and hygiene segments could not offset the losses.
EBITDA fell by 46.6% to €96.7 million in H1/2020. The EBITDA margin decreased from 16.6% to 11.9%. Net profit for the period amounted to €1.5 million (H1/2019: €78.8 million).
The 76th Annual General Meeting of Lenzing AG resolved on June 18, 2020, not to distribute a dividend for the 2019 financial year.

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Sanitized/Chemlogis: strategic sales partnership for polymer additives in Mexico

The supplier of antimicrobial hygiene functionalization for textiles and polymers, Sanitized AG, Burgdorf/Switzerland, and Chemlogis, Mexico City/Mexico, have joined forces. The Sanitized antimicrobial additives for hygiene function and material protection for polymers will be marketed in Mexico by the new sales partner.
The antimicrobial additives for polymers from Sanitized protect end products from bacterial infestation, growth of algae and mildew, material degradation, biofilms, pink stain, and odors caused by microbes. The polymer industry uses the antimicrobial additive in flooring, industrial coatings, artificial leather, roof membranes, pool liners, tarpaulins, and all extruded products.

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DITF: intelligent tablecloths

Current hygiene regulations require restaurant operators to ensure sufficient distance between guests. Intelligent table cloths could soon help with this often complicated seating management. Furthermore, with the help of sensor technology, restaurant visitors could place their orders directly into the fabric without contact with the waiter and even use play functions after the meal. The German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research Denkendorf (DITF), Denkendorf/Germany, are conducting research on tablecloths that are not only smart but also feel like textiles and can be used despite having built-in sensors.
Intelligent textiles do not yet have the properties familiar from fabrics, such as flexible, pleasant feel and easy washability. Therefore, the DITF are developing a purely textile sensor technology as part of a research project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. This will be separated from both the energy supply and the data processing and the measured values will be transmitted inductively, i.e. wirelessly. The tablecloths interact with the electronics integrated in the table. Central functions are the detection of seat occupancy, ordering functions and an event and game application. Specially developed wrapping yarns are used for this purpose. The first functional models have already been created using embroidery technology, which uses electronics to detect and show approximation and touch in a table. In the future, patterns that measure illuminance could control the blinds in the smart home and thus make the seating area glare-free.
To ensure that the research results can be transferred to the industry on a production scale, various influencing variables such as the sensor yarn structure or the embroidery pattern are being investigated.

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More information: DITF Smart textiles

Archroma: combining eco-advanced colors with hygiene and protection

As part of its active engagement in the fight against Covid-19, the producer of dyes and specialty chemicals Archroma Management LLC, Reinach/Switzerland, has announced a collaboration with denim manufacturer Soorty Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., Karachi/Pakistan. The alliance will develop Soorty’s new collection combining eco-advanced colors with hygiene and protection technologies. Archroma will contribute technologies, innovations and systems for coloration, hygiene and protection. These include an aniline-free indigo system, Pure Indigo Flow, based on the new Denisol Pure Indigo developed to preserve the health of denim workers and aquatic life, a water-saving dyeing technology, and an antibacterial treatment based on Sanitized technology and designed to keep the garment odor-free, fresh and germ-free.
The denim collection will be introduced by Soorty under the brand SmartCare+ and will include denim fabric, garments and, coming soon, masks.

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More information: Archroma Hygiene Soorty