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Shima Seiki: new knitting machines for cut-resistant uppers for shoes

The manufacturer of flat knitting machines, Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd., Wakayama/Japan, will present a new compact Wholegarment knitting machine in the A+A 2019 Safety, Security and Health at Work International Trade Fair from November 5-8, 2019, in Düsseldorf/Germany.
On display will be the company’s SWG091N2 compact Wholegarment knitting machine featuring their original SlideNeedle technology. Exhibited in 15 gauge, proposals for ultra-fine gauge Wholegarment applications will be made for knitted safety accessories in the workplace. At the A+A, SWG091N2 will be producing cut-resistant uppers for tabi shoes, a traditional Japanese design for workers featuring a separate big toe for flexible maneuvering over all surfaces.
Also exhibited will be the SVR123SP computerized flat knitting machine featuring a dedicated loop presser bed that permits full use of inlay techniques for the production of hybrid fabrics that feature both knit and weave characteristics, suited to the production of safety-oriented functional fabrics.
Also demonstrated will be Shima Seiki’s new SDSONE APEX4 3D design system. APEX4 is at the core of Shima Seiki’s Total Fashion System concept, made possible through its comprehensive support of the knit apparel production process from planning and production to sales promotion. Furthermore, its capability for virtual sampling is especially effective in streamlining the production process. Ultra-realistic simulation capability allows the use of virtual samples for evaluating design variations without producing actual samples for each variation, thereby minimizing the time, cost and resources normally required with sample making, supporting smart, speedy and sustainable apparel production.



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More information: Shima Seiki

Performance Days: sustainability conference for the functional textile industry

Sustainability is a topic of intense discussion throughout the world and across all industries. In collaboration with the trade magazine Sportsfashion by SAZ, Munich/Germany, on November 14, 2019, the fair Performance Days in Munich/Germany will present the first conference for sustainability in the functional textile sector.
Under the title sustain&innovate, international speakers will be giving talks on topics concerning sustainability, exclusively tailored to the functional textile branch. The managing director of Vaude Sport GmbH & Co. KG, Tettnang/Germany, and sustainability specialist Antje von Dewitz will join as a keynote speaker. In addition, lectures on the topics of sustainable production, HIGG index, Designing for Recycling and on the status quo of current success in relation to sustainability within the industry can be attended.
The trade fair for functional fabrics Performance Days with the focus on "Sustainable textile production" will take place from 13-14 November 2019.


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More information: Performance Days

Schoeller: 100% recycled, recyclable and PFC-free functional fabrics

The textile manufacturer Schoeller Textil AG, Sevelen/Switzerland, is part of wear2wear, an industrial partnership dedicated to high-quality and sustainable clothing.
The sustainable wear2wear concept is synonymous with high-quality, responsible clothing. In European operations, textile fibers from used garments are used to produce new functional fabrics. Depending upon the area of intended use, they also meet strict waterproofing, breathability, protection and comfort requirements. To ensure that the raw material cycle comes full circle, these textiles can be recycled again when they reach the end of their service life. As a result, there is no waste, and they go on to produce new garments. As the wear2wear partner companies guarantee that – from the quality of the raw materials to the guaranteed recycling end process – these are 100 % recyclable, functional fabrics made of recycled textile fibers. Water- and dirt-repelling technologies based on renewable raw materials, along with the most advanced membrane technology, will ensure that the textiles are manufactured and impregnated entirely without the use of PFC in the future too.
Schoeller Textil AG is supplying a wholistic textile portfolio, Inspire, for the workwear area. These are high-quality protective workwear fabrics made of 100 % polyester, which offer clothing comfort and often feel just like cotton. They are also compliant with the requirements of the bluesign system.


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Teijin: new cotton-like high-performance polyester fabric

The fiber-product converting company Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd., Tokyo/Japan, has developed a new cotton-like high-performance polyester material for athleisure fashion. The new material combines the look and texture of cotton with superior properties for moisture absorption, quick drying and UV protection.
The demand highly functional fabrics is growing in line with the increasing popularity of athleisure fashion and sport/outdoor wearable in daily life. Conventional fabrics for sport and outdoor wear achieve moisture absorption and quick heat reduction, but they are not suitable for daily use due to their unnatural textures. Cotton and cotton-blended fabrics are commonly used, but they are uncomfortable when the wearer perspires due to surface tackiness and the wet fabrics’ cold feel. Notably, the cotton-like features of Teijin’s fabric are achieved with polyester filament yarn, not a staple fiber. Moreover, the new material is eco-friendly because it is made with recycled raw materials.
The proprietary fiber maximizes processing effects. The yarn processing technology randomly mixes thick and thin parts in filaments, and complex yarn processing technology achieves cotton-like texture and capillary property. Structure optimization adjusts knitting texture and density to achieve a cotton-like look and texture. The brindle coloring and natural appearance of fibers are maximized due to uneven thicknesses.

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Schoeller: sustainable ecological portfolio

With a focus on sustainability, the ecological portfolio of the textile manufacturer Schoeller Textil AG, Sevelen/Switzerland, includes, among other things, genuine upcycled products, recycled, recyclable wear2wear woven and knitted fabrics or bio-technologies based on sustainable raw materials.
wear2wear is an innovative industry partnership for high-quality, sustainable clothing. Cutting-edge production systems turn textile fibers from used clothing into new, functional fabrics. The Econyl Reclaiming Program from Aquafil SpA reduces the quantity of waste material occurring worldwide by collecting regenerative resources from waste disposal sites and the oceans and returning them to the production cycle.
High-quality textiles have a long service life and can remain in use for longer. The fabric properties are also further improved by smart textile technologies such as water- and dirt-repelling functions. This helps preserve the environment and cuts down on the use of resources.
Under the patronage of UN Climate Change and in keeping with the Paris Agreement, Schoeller, together with other leading companies in the global fashion sector, has decided to tackle the effects of the apparel industry on the climate along the entire value added chain and signed the UN Charter for Climate Action.


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Intertextile Apparel: sustainable and functional fabric options

Over 3,000 exhibitors from more than 20 countries are joining this year’s Spring Edition of Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics from March 12-14, 2019, spanning a huge range of textile product categories, from fashion to technical innovation.
Comprehensive product zones will reflect demand for different products such as sustainable solutions, functional fabrics, digital printing, accessories and denim. With the added element of the fringe program, which will include seminars held by exhibitors, the fair offers a versatile experience for visitors with opportunities to learn more about the latest industry opinions and regulations.
The All About Sustainability zone houses environmentally-friendly textile products and innovations, and exhibitors who provide testing and certification services. The Functional Lab continues to bring fresh innovation to the fair. The Digital Printing Zone includes onsite demonstrations of direct-to-garment digital inkjet printing solutions, while Accessories Vision will comprise of over 450 exhibitors, including 13 new international exhibitors. Highlighted newcomers include the Korea International Trade Association, who will represent their members’ collections of buttons, lace, ribbons, embroidery, labels, rhinestones, beads, sequins and more.
The fair will be held concurrently with Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles, Yarn Expo Spring, PH Value and CHIC.
For further information: www.intertextileapparel.com

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Performance Days: major topic "The Beauty of Function"

On May 8/9, 2019, the trade fair Performance Days will be held with approx. 300 exhibitors in Munich/Germany. Under the title “The Beauty of Function”, the beauty of functional fabrics will be the major topic of the coming fair. Functional fabrics and materials are not only suitable and necessary for sportswear: these fabrics are now so attractive, they are also giving a stylish “plus” to fashion design. The advantages of these fabrics can be appreciated almost anywhere; outdoors as well as in urban environments, for business clothing and for sportswear. The original DNA and the expertise for function come from the field of sports. However, the benefits are now available to an ever-expanding clothing market — even for fashion lines. Urban collections in the sport sector are currently the motor for the industry. Designs that are functional while at the same time beautiful in a fashion sense enjoy a particularly long life cycle and because they are worn as “favorites,” they also contribute to sustainability.
As usual, Performance Days will approach the focus topic from different angles, highlighting the possibilities for both brands and the industry as a whole. The expert talks during day 2 of the fair pick up different points of view around the theme.
For further information: www.performancedays.com

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