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Oerlikon: efficient and environmentally save solutions for fiber industry

Innovations as well as adaptations to the current portfolio by Oerlikon Manmade Fibers segment of Oerlikon Management AG, Pfäffikon/Switzerland, have been revealed at ShanghaiTex 2019 from November 25 – 28, 2019 at Shanghai/China.
A generation of machines, titled eAFK Evo, promises to increase speed and productivity in texturing, as well as significant decrease in energy consumption. The new platform features improved heating technology along with a brand new cooling system, both simplifying work processes while further improving savings in energy.
The 24-end winding WINGS FDY series is now capable of processing polyamide 6. Allowing an efficient production of FDY PA6, these systems are also constructed in order to save energy. Still, good yarn properties, proper dyeability as well as a high full package rate, remain key characteristics of this system.
In carpet yarn production, the BCF S8 production plant promises significant advantages, offering high spinning speed with up to 700 filaments per yarn end and finer titers down to 2.5 dpf to all market participants.
Finally, new VacuFil recycling series is providing an environmentally save solution to producing polyester. While processing post-production and postconsumer waste, a new filtration and spinning systems also removes volatile contamination, like spinning oil. The modular structure of the VacuFil range offers numerous possibilities for the process guiding system: A standalone solution with downstream granulation as well as inline variants.


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More information: Oerlikon Manmade Fibers

Oerlikon: new upgrade transforms ACW into WINGS

Recently, upgrades and retrofits have been made available for ACW-series winders from the machine and system builder Oerlikon Barmag, Chemnitz/Germany, a subsidiary of the Oerlikon Manmade Fibers segment of Oerlikon Management AG, Pfäffikon/Switzerland. This means that the benefits of the WINGS (Winding INtegrated Godet Solution) concept become tangibly close for operators of POY spinning systems equipped with ACW technology.
In addition to savings in terms of energy, waste and HR, the benefits of the WINGS concept above all include the consistently high yarn quality. The yarn is considerably superior with regard to its dyeing properties.
The ACW WINGS conversion components and ACW upgrades for draw units can be installed as plug-in units relatively quickly, hence minimizing system downtimes. Analog to WINGS, the new ACW WINGS draw unit is more compact and also guides the yarn using rollers instead of yarn guides. This minimizes friction for the yarn and the angles of deflection remain the same, which in turn optimizes the yarn tension on all packages.
The first expansion phase with 96 positions is already successfully operating at polyester yarn manufacturer Zhejiang Rongsheng Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Yinong, Zhejiang/China. A 2nd expansion phase with 88 further positions will follow at the end of 2019.
The conversion package is also particularly interesting as a result of its fast ROI (return-on-investment) of less than one year. ACW WINGS is available for all ACW-type POY/HOY winders for polyester, polyamide 6 and polyamide 66.

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Oerlikon: lower sales in Q3/2019

Reflecting challenging market developments, in Q3/2019 the sales of the technology group Oerlikon Management AG, Pfäffikon/Switzerland, decreased by 7.9 % year-over-year to CHF 633 million, driven primarily by lower sales in the Manmade Fibers Segment.
The Manmade Fibers Segment increased order intake by 6.2% year-over-year, driven by higher demand in filament equipment and systems, particularly in China, compensating for the decline in carpet yarn and staple fibers equipment. A high level of order intake (> CHF 200 million) has been sustained for the 8. consecutive quarter. Segment sales were 15.6 % lower year-over-year, driven by declines in all regions except Europe, but are to be relativized due to the record sales in Q3/2018. EBIT for Q3/2019 was CHF 22 million (Q3/2018: CHF 30 million), or 8.4% of sales (Q3/2018: 9.5%).
Supported by a healthy order pipeline, the Group's guidance for 2019 remains unchanged.

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Oerlikon: new CFO effective January 2020

Effective January 1, 2020, Philipp Müller has been named Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and member of the company’s Executive Committee of the technology group Oerlikon Management AG, Pfäffikon/Switzerland. Müller will be succeeding Jürg Fedier, who will retire at the end of December 2019.
Philipp Müller has more than 15 years of financial and strategic experience across multiple industries. Previously, he led the investor relations functions at Baker Hughes, Houston, TX/USA.

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Oerlikon: contracts for 120 spinning positions with Chinese yarn manufacturers

The machine and system builder Oerlikon Barmag, Chemnitz/Germany, a subsidiary of the Oerlikon Manmade Fibers segment of Oerlikon Management AG, Pfäffikon/Switzerland, has signed contracts for 2 orders with a total of 120 spinning positions for manufacturing polyamide POY yarn with Chinese yarn manufacturers.
All spinning positions will be equipped with the EvoQuench radial quenching system for polyamide. Currently, Oerlikon Barmag is the world’s only supplier of an already operating radial quenching concept for polyamide. The benefits of radial quenching vis-à-vis conventional cross-flow quenching when manufacturing microfibers lie in a more production-reliable manner with fewer yarn breaks.
The new systems are scheduled to begin manufacturing in early 2021.

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Oerlikon Manmade Fibers: sales growth +18.5% in Q2/2019

In the 2nd quarter (Q2) of 2019, the technology group Oerlikon Management AG, Pfäffikon/Switzerland, saw order intake decrease year-on-year by 0.7% to CHF 672 million, while sales went up by 5.3% to CHF 700 million. The Manmade Fibers Segment maintained its good performance, increasing orders by 5.7% to CHF 298 million and sales by 18.5% to CHF 321 million in Q2/2019. EBIT stood at CHF 51 million (Q2/201: CHF 26 million). Although sales increased by 11.7% in the 1st half (H1) of 2019, order intake for H1/2019, however, fell by 9.5% year-on-year to CHF593 million (H1/2018: CHF655 million).
Sales increased significantly in Europe (>140%), albeit from a low base, while China saw a healthy 26% growth. A decline in sales was registered in North America (-15%) and in India (-85%) compared to Q2/ 2018.

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Dornbirn GFC with GFC Startup Days

Sustainability/circular economy, digitalization, technical textiles, nonwovens and the 1st Startup Days are the hot topics at the Dornbirn Global Fiber Congress (GFC) in Dornbirn/Austria. More than 100 international experts will present their latest innovations of the textile industry.
Sustainable resource management has become a key element for our future. The Dornbirn GFC offers its platform of sustainability and circular economy. The internationally renowned marine research center Scripps Institution of Oceanography, San Diego, California/USA, will present new research results and solutions to the topic “Microplastics – a challenge of the 21st century”.
The lecture held by Microsoft will discuss the question of whether the technology from the software industry makes a positive contribution to recycling management and sustainability.
Palo Alto Networks Inc., Santa Clara, California/USA, will provide insights into “Cyber Security - what does the actual landscape look like?”.
The 1st Dornbirn GFC Startup Days take place on September 11-12, in cooperation with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and are designed to provide a networking platform for young companies. Startups in the areas of Smart Fibers, Smart Applications, Smart SportsTech & Outdoor as well as Smart Sustainability & Circular Economy will be present at the congress.
Plenary lectures on the opening day concern topics such as “Man-made fibers in Europe: new and existing challenges in a politically changing environment” and “Challenges of sustainability of synthetic fibers as well as cellulosic fibers”.
Another main topic at the GFC will be digitalization in Europe. Specialists from PwC, Palo Alto Networks, Oerlikon, Microsoft and Henn will debate about the current situation and the question, if Europe can compete with “Silicon Valley” in terms of innovation environment, or if it is already time for a “Silicon Valley & beyond.”  
Furthermore, more than 100 expert lectures on key topics as Fiber innovations, Circular economy and Sustainability, Digitalization and Smart textiles, Surface modification and Additives, Sports and leisure wear as well as Nonwovens and Technical textiles will be held.

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More information: Dornbirn GFC congress

Oerlikon Barmag: Unifi ordered new texturing machine

The new eAFK Evo texturing machine from the machine and system builder Oerlikon Barmag, Chemnitz/Germany, a subsidiary of the Oerlikon Manmade Fibers segment of Oerlikon Management AG, Pfäffikon/Switzerland, which was unveiled at the ITMA trade fair in Barcelona, has proven to be a breakthrough in the manufacture of yarns. This is evidenced by filament yarn producer, Unifi, Inc., Greensboro, NC/USA, who placed a significant order for these machines on the first day of the trade fair.
Unifi collaborated with Oerlikon to develop a specially-designed eAFK Evo pilot machine that has been operating for the last 8 months, using it to manufacture various Unifiber virgin and Repreve-branded recycled polyester and polyamide yarns.
Oerlikon is exhibiting a configuration of the eAFK Evo texturing machine at the ITMA designed for the cost-efficient production of commodity yarns. At just 4.7 m in height, this compact machine still comes with a 4-deck winding system. The most important foundation for both machines is the 300 mm-long EvoCooler with its active cooling technology. The EvoCooler’s controllable cooling unit opens a huge production window, with titers ranging from around 35-350 dtex and including microfilaments; combining it with the EvoHeater increases texturing speed by about 20%. The EvoCooler also enables very even yarn dyeing and provides significant benefits using no additional energy compared to current offerings. With the optimized, energy-efficient EvoHeater and its connected peripherals, the machine offers up to 25% energy savings.

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Oerlikon: new of state-of-the-art R&D and production facility

Oerlikon Additive Manufacturing (AM), a Segment of the technology group Oerlikon Management AG, Pfäffikon/Switzerland, inaugurated its US$ 55 million Innovation Hub & Advanced Component Production facility in Huntersville, NC/USA, as part of its ongoing US growth strategy. The facility will serve as a cornerstone of Oerlikon’s additive manufacturing business in the USA.
The additive manufacturing production facility is Oerlikon’s second location in North Carolina – the other site being a center that provides man-made fibers, in particular, carpet yarn systems. Additive manufacturing uses high-tech tools, rapid prototyping and metal and plastics 3D printing to help customers create new components and transform production processes. With the help of Oerlikon additive manufacturing experts and using these new technologies, companies can produce more complex and better performing components that are lighter and last longer, while also simplifying logistics and reducing their environmental impact.
Oerlikon employs more than 1,300 people in 18 US states. The company previously announced that it intends to expand its footprint in the USA in upcoming years.

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Oerlikon Manmade Fibers: sales growth in a challenging market environment

In the 1st quarter of 2019 the Manmade Fibers Segment of technology group Oerlikon Management AG, Pfäffikon/Switzerland, increased sales 4.5% to CHF 254 million. This was contributed mainly by the filament equipment and polymerization businesses and supported by sales at low double-digit millions for nonwoven systems. Sales growth was mainly led by business wins in China and the rest of Asia.
A high level of orders were sustained across all product lines, specifically in filament and texturing, while growth was registered for staple fiber systems compared to the previous year. Compared to the previous year, total order intake decreased by 20.6% to CHF 296 million due to the exceptionally high level of orders secured in the 1st quarter of 2018.


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