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SDC: applications now open for 2021 further education courses

Applications are now open for the globally-recognized technical education pathways from the Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC), Bradford/UK, with online teaching starting in October 2021. The call has gone out to the world’s dyehouse, laboratory and factory managers to put forward their most promising junior staff members to study for an SDC qualification in 2021.
The courses’ well-established video lecture, seminar and one-to-one tutor support system, which has been in place for several years, means that the ongoing pandemic cannot affect course delivery and student progress.
Textile dyers at any stage in their career can upskill in processes involved in applying color to fiber. Offering training in all technical and scientific aspects of dyeing, the courses begin at entry-level with the Foundation in Textile Coloration Certificate (FTCC), which requires only a standard secondary education in science subjects.
The SDC further offers the Textile Coloration Certificate (TCC), from where a participant can progress to the degree equivalent course, the Associateship of the SDC (ASDC). This leads to the career pinnacle status of Chartered Colourist (CCol) following a further 2 years of practical application and study.
Since courses began in 2012, over 40 students across 27 businesses in the dyeing industry have benefited from the qualifications, with an overwhelming pass rate of over 95%.  
The deadline for applications is July 2021 for the October 2021 intake.
For further information: www.colour.network/online-courses/



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More information: SDC

Sandler: professorship donated for Innovative Textiles

On September 24, 2020, a new textile research center was inaugurated at the Münchberg Campus of Hof University, Hof/Germany. Supporting a well-founded textile specific education in the new institute, the nonwovens manufacturer Sandler AG, Schwarzenbach /Germany, has donated a professorship worth a total of €600,000 thereby further contributing to the educational infrastructure in this region.
The new professorship has been occupied since 2019: Prof. Dr. Claus-Ekkehard Koukal (photo) holds a lectureship at the University of Applied Sciences Hof in the field of Innovative Textiles, teaching in the areas of nonwovens production, spinning mill, weaving preparation and textile chain.
Prior to joining the university, Professor Koukal worked in industry, among others in the textile sector and research and development. In addition to his teaching position, he continues to be active in consultancy and research.


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More information: Sandler

Freudenberg/NCSU: face masks for universities and hospitals

In order to manufacture face masks for UNC system universities (all the public educational institutions granting 4-year degrees in North Carolina (NC)), NC government organizations and hospitals, the producer of technical textiles Freudenberg Performance Materials Holding SE & Co. KG, Weinheim/Germany, has partnered with the Nonwovens Institute at North Carolina State University (NCSU), Raleigh, NC/USA.
As the fight against corona virus continues, the need for essential face coverings continues to rise. Together, the partners will begin production of earloop procedure masks and N95 masks. The 2 organizations are aligning their expertise and supply chains to bring PPE to universities and healthcare workers as quickly as possible.
Through this partnership, NC State is supplying Freudenberg Performance Materials with the necessary roll goods needed for production while Freudenberg provides the textile manufacturing expertise and work force needed to install, operate and maintain the four new production lines. Once fully operational the site will be able to produce more than 1 million masks a month.
In addition to the face mask lines provided by NC State, Freudenberg is also in the process of installing 6 additional production lines to manufacture surgical and N95 masks. Not only will the lines help provide essential face coverings, but the addition of the lines has enabled Freudenberg add 50 new positions within the company to operate the lines.

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ITA: Wilhelm-Lorch-Stiftung awards for ITA graduate and smart textiles training course

The Wilhelm-Lorch-Stiftung, Frankfurt/M./Germany, honored a project of the Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University (ITA), Aachen/Germany, and awarded a sponsorship prize to the ITA graduate Ricarda Wissel on June 25, 2020. Her bachelor thesis “Implementation of elastic yarns made from carbon dioxide based thermoplastic polyurethane in socks” received a prize of 6.000 € for a subject-specific continuation of her education. Ricarda Wissel successfully developed a process chain for the CO2-based yarn in a textile end product for the first time. In cooperation with the company Falke KGaA, Schmallenberg/Germany, the yarn was used to produce a sock. The development of textiles with additional digital functions, so-called “Smart Textiles” is considered a future-orientated field of research. They enable the textile to interact with the environment and the human user. The ITA receives the project sponsorship prize for the project “Smart Textiles – an interdisciplinary training course to promote young scientist in future technologies”, which was submitted to the Wilhelm-Lorch-Stiftung by ITA’s Phd candidate Simon Kammler. He presented a concept for a lecture series on Smart Textiles at ITA and developed a new type of measuring stand for measuring the capacity and conductivity of fibers. The project is funded by the Wilhelm-Lorch-Stiftung with prize money of 10.000 €.
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More information: ITA Award

ITME Africa: textile technology as the way forward

With the theme Prosperity for Africa through Textile Technology, the ITME Africa 2020 took place from February 14-16, 2020 in Addis Ababa/Ethiopia. The technology exhibition welcomed around 3,000 visitors in 2 days from 35 countries across the globe. Exhibitors from 15 countries showcased modern textile technology and engineering sectors from waste water recycling, dyestuffs and chemical products, pumps and valves, logistic equipment and more.
Apart from 85 companies from India under the umbrella of the Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC) and the Federation of Indian chambers of Commerce (FICCI), Italy had 22 companies exhibiting at their pavilion, Switzerland presented a pavilion with 12 companies and China presented 19 exhibitors at their stand. The highlights of the opening day included the donation of a Laxmi CM-R Shuttleless Flexible Rapier Loom from Laxmi Shuttleless Looms Pvt. Ltd., Shahpur/India, to the textile educational institution EiTEX, Bahir Dar University/Ethiopia (photo).


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More information: ITME Africa

Rieter: new contracts for CHF 30 million signed in Cairo

At the Swiss-Egyptian Investment Forum on February 3, 2020 in Cairo/Egypt, the Cotton & Textiles Holding Company, Cairo/Egypt, and textile machinery manufacturer Rieter Holding AG, Winterthur/Switzerland, signed additional contracts related to the modernization program for the Egyptian textile industry.
In the presence of H.E. Hisham Tawfik, Minister of the Public Sector of the Egyptian Government, and Swiss Federal Councilor Guy Parmelin, Head of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research, the contracts were signed by Dr. Ahmed Moustafa, Chairman of the Cotton & Textiles Holding Company, and Dr. Norbert Klapper, CEO of Rieter.
The total volume of the contracts sums up to around CHF 210 million, including the contracts which had been signed at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona and which represent a volume of around CHF 180 million.
Rieter expects the full amount of orders to be booked as order intake in the 1st half year (H1) of 2020. So far, CHF 165 million have been booked.

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AATCC: Olney Medal for H. Kenneth Greeson

The American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC), Research Triangle Park, NC/USA, has announced H. Kenneth Greeson, manager of Textile Chemistry Research at Cotton Incorporated, as the 2019 recipient of the AATCC Olney Medal. Greeson is being recognized for his work in durable press finishing of cotton. He has spent many years working with durable press chemistry – in particular, resin and cross-linking chemistry – and has made several significant advancements in cotton durable press technology.
Throughout his career, Greeson has applied and shared his knowledge of textile chemistry. His practical work experience, coupled with his textile chemistry education, has allowed him to make some significant contributions to finishes for cotton that enhance the fabric’s characteristics and prolong the usable life of the treated garments.
Established in 1944 in honor of Louis Atwell Olney, the founder and first president of AATCC, the Olney Medal recognizes outstanding achievement in textile or polymer chemistry or other fields of chemistry of major importance to textile science.

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Index 2020: 6 free-to-attend seminars

With over 700 exhibitors already booked for the Index 20, the largest global meeting place for players in the nonwovens industry, this year’s even from March 31-April 3, 2020 in Geneva/Switzerland, will be bigger than ever before.
6 free-to-attend seminars in the fields of Filtration, Automotive, Infection Prevention, Geotextiles, Sustainable Nonwovens and Smart Nonwovens will take place. Additional free ‘taster’ tutorials on other sectors will also take place during the show.
The Index Innovation Awards’ nominated products will be showcased in the Index Innovation Lab, with the diverse properties of these highly-engineered structures demonstrated in a special Research & Testing area.
For further information: www.indexnonwovens.com

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ESMA: digital printing on textiles

The European Association of Screen Printing Equipment Manufacturers (ESMA), Sint-Joris-Winge/Belgium, and the German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research (DITF), Denkendorf/Germany, will host the first comprehensive course on all theoretical and practical aspects of digital printing technology for textile applications. The course Digital Textile Printing will take place from April 21-24, 2020 in Denkendorf.
Participants will receive insights in the procedure of inkjet printing on textile materials and accompanying topics such as textile chemistry and pre-treatment, ink formulation, curing techniques, color management and characterization of textile materials and printing quality. In addition, the workflow in digital printing will be shown in a Textile Micro-factory environment. The practical training will be offered in small teams and will highlight some of the topics that are discussed in the theoretical part. Participants will learn and exercise the workflow and each required single step in digital printing on textiles.
There has been a visible shift from analogue to digital taking place in segments such as apparel or home textiles. Various estimates expect a growth of digital textile printing between 6% and 20% in the next decade. Moreover, the ongoing change to digital demands a higher level of education on using the new technologies: understanding color management, specifics of inkjet and its implementation into existing business concepts. The new Textile Division of ESMA is considered by the association as the home for the textile printing manufacturers. Their target group includes all manufacturers of products used in textile printing workflow (digital or screen) and the focus areas of the division are sustainability, standardization, color management and regulations.
For further information: www.esma.com

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Mahlo: cooperation with universities in Bangladesh

As guest speakers at lectures at the Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX), and the Northern University Bangladesh, both based in Dhaka, representatives of the manufacturer of measuring, control and automation systems Mahlo GmbH & Co. KG, Saal a.d. Donau/Germany, introduced the students to the requirements and solutions of modern textile production. In the future, the connection to one of the most important textile markets in the world is to be further strengthened.
Lectures covered how modular process control can be the answer to current challenges in the industry, such as rising costs for raw materials and personnel. In the age of
Industry 4.0, data-based production is indispensable and Mahlo has therefore developed the mSmart digitalization concept. Since all Mahlo machines are networked in the mSmart environment, the user receives all the essential data at a glance, anytime and anywhere. This enables a quick reaction based on the latest values. Process control thus not only helps to save resources, but also to make the machinery easier to handle.

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