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ITA: digital tool for innovation scouting

To bring textile innovations to the market faster in order to increase the speed at which innovations can be realized, the Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University (ITA), Aachen/Germany, developed TexSpace.
TexSpace is the first digital tool for innovation scouting in the field of technical textile technology. In addition to data, experts also help with the development of new technologies or business models. The product is offered jointly with Innoloft GmbH, Aachen.


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Dilo: new needlefelt line for Scavone

With 126 years of existence S/A Fabril Scavone, Itatiba/Brazil, is a South American textile company that is steeped in tradition. Since its entry into the technical textiles sector in 1993, the portfolio has expanded to filtration, shoes, geotextile, acoustic, furniture and automotive which until now have been produced on 4 nonwovens production lines.
Scavone is now increasing its production capacity with the new needlefelt line from the nonwovens machinery manufacturer DiloGroup, Eberbach/Germany.
The DiloGroup plant consists of fiber preparation, MultiCard and lap drafter, as well as crosslapper and needlelooms. It is used to process PET, PP and Bico fibers into needlefelt especially for geotextile and automotive applications. The implementation of Dilo Line 4.0 software offers an optimum process control and monitoring.


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More information: Dilo

Teijin Frontier: new resilient fabric for sports and outdoor wear

A lightweight, tear-resistant and flat-surfaced fabric has been launched by the fiber-product converting company Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd., Tokyo/Japan. The fabric is soft, eco-friendly and abrasion-resistant, making it ideal for sportswear.
The company will promote its new fabric as a key product for 2021 spring/summer sports and outdoor collections. The new fabric should find diverse applications in high-function wear, such as sports and outdoor wear, fashionwear, school and corporate uniforms and more.
The flat surface and soft hand are achieved thanks to uniform thickness of thread. The fabric is highly tear-resistant due to the use of Pasmo high-tenacity polyester yarn which can be mixed with various high-performance yarns for a variety of purposes, and has very abrasion-resistance and anti-snagging due to flat, even surface. Eco-friendly designs can be obtained by mixing with recycled polyester.


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More information: Teijin Frontier

Karl Mayer: machines for processing recycled yarn

At the ITMA in June 2019 in Barcelona/Spain, the textile machinery manufacturer Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH, Obertshausen/Germany, was illustrating how easily yarns can be processed on warp knitting machines whilst conserving resources at the same time.
During the fair, on the new HKS 3-M-ON a patterned tricot fabric with yarn carrying the Sinfineco label of the manufacturer of polyester fibers Trevira GmbH, Bobingen/Germany, was produced. Trevira awards the label for textiles that are produced from its sustainable products. The range includes fibers and filaments made entirely from high-quality, recycled chips. The regranulate is obtained from PET bottles. At the ITMA, this high-speed tricot machine was processing a textured polyester filament yarn of dtex 76 f 24 and was running non-stop at 2,900 min-1with no constraints during the demonstration. A top-quality fabric with a small eco-footprint was being produced.  


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More information: Karl Mayer

Benninger: dyeing machine with focus on Asian market

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important factor for the textile industry.
At the ShanghaiTex from November 25-28, 2019 in Shanghai/China, the textile machinery manufacturer Benninger AG, Uzwil/Switzerland, showed a Benninger-Küsters DyePad Basic which is manufactured in their subsidiary Suzhou Benninger Küsters Machinery Co., Ltd., Suzhou, Jiangsu/China.
This padder has been specially designed for the needs of the Asian markets, and focuses on easy handling. 2 swimming rollers ensure a maximum deflection potential and allow the dyeing of knit and woven fabrics without limitations.
In addition the Benninger-Küsters DyePad allows salt-free dyeing without the use of energy by using the cold pad batch (CPB) dyeing process.


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More information: Benninger

Testex: Promoting best practices in textile production

Due to wet processing and the use of various chemicals, wastewater pollution caused by the local textile industry is a major issue in Indonesia.
Addressing this problem, the independent textile testing institute Testex, Zurich/Switzerland and Nicca Chemical Co., Fukui/Japan, organized an annual seminar on environmental performance with 100 participants from 39 companies in the Bandung and Jakarta areas.
Representatives from Nicca promoted the use of environmentally friendly chemicals, reducing waste while also cutting time and effort in production. In addition, tools for analysis and compliance, allowing for the test of chemicals already in use, were presented by Testex. Both solutions are closely related to the concept and evaluation of the Made In Green by Oeko-Tex Association, Zurich/Switzerland.
These solutions fall in line with recant Indonesian policies. Enforcing rules to textile production, the Indonesian government intends to sanction law violations more strictly, while simultaneously evoking good practices. To ensure the latter, guidance is offered to production facilities who have not yet met the requirements for the disposal of waste to watershed.

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More information: Testex

Tanatex: bio-based micro-encapsulation for cosmeto textiles with slimming effect

The specialty chemicals producer Tanatex Chemicals BV, Ede/Netherlands, is introducing bio-based and biodegradable micro-encapsulating technology in the TanaCare Bio range. The product TanaCare Bio-Slim is the first in this brand new range of Cosmeto Finishes, which claims to deliver improved skin conditions and slimming effect.
Tanatex has launched a range with microcapsules built from natural polysaccharides (sugars) and polypeptides (proteins). Instead of the classic release mechanism of mechanical pressure followed by bursting, these new microcapsules gradually release the active ingredients, triggered through enzymatic breakdown (enzymes on the skin will biodegrade the capsule walls, releasing the active ingredients slowly). The wash durability of this technology is around 20 home launderings.
The first product to be launched in this new TanaCare Bio range is the TanaCare Bio-Slim. The slimming effect is performed by using a complex and synergetic blend of cosmetic ingredients, which have lipolytic activity (working on the fat) and venotonic action (activating the micro-circulation), additionally enhancing skin elasticity, resilience and tightness.
The scientific in-vitro and in-vivo testing at an external laboratory showed significant improvement after 15 and 30 days wearing a treated product.

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FibrXL: Lumat, Dominion Fiber Technologies and EuroFibers merge

The combination through merger of 3 companies has created an unparalleled portfolio of high-tenacity yarns, renowned high-performance fibers, fiber processing capabilities and a global distribution network.
Leading fiber companies Lumat Group BV, Almere/Netherlands, Dominion Fiber Technologies Inc. (DFT), Richmond, VA/USA, and EuroFibers BV, Maastricht/Netherlands, with a collective experience in technical textiles and fiber enhancing services of over 60 years, have officially announced their merger.
The new group will trade under the name FibrXL from January 2020. Marcel Alberts (previously EuroFibers) and Jeroen Drenth (previously Lumat) will continue as managing directors of the combined company.
By combining the vast product knowledge and expertise of the individual companies into a single brand, as well as their worldwide sales force, logistics services, warehousing facilities, and converting capabilities, a new group is created that can serve the market on a worldwide scale.
FibrXL is the global one stop fiber shop for technical textiles, with a broad product portfolio. The company is the distributor and innovation partner of the world’s largest producers of high-performance fibers, e.g. Dyneema, Twaron, Technora, Vectran and Zylon (FibrXL Performance) and leading distributor of industrial yarns like polyester, polyamide and viscose (FibrXL Industrial). FibrXL works with regional sales managers and agents in both the EU and the USA, and can not only deliver the unprocessed fibers, but the company can also customize the products in color, size, weight, packaging, and delivering to the customers wishes, direct from stock.

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Lenzing: sustainability-based financing

The producer of cellulosic fibers, Lenzing AG, Lenzing/Austria, is forging new paths in the financing of operative growth: As one of the first companies in the world, on November 27, 2019, Lenzing positioned a bonded loan bound to its sustainability performance.
For this type of loan, the interest is linked to Lenzing's performance in the area of sustainability and is annually reviewed and assessed by an independent sustainability agency. The MSCI agency, New York, NY/USA, which undertakes the rating in Lenzing's case, recently awarded the company an A rating. The innovative and sustainability-based financing of a bonded loan is a consistent step in the implementation of Lenzing’s own corporate strategy sCore TEN, with a focus on sustainability and environmental protection.
The initial € 200 million bond was of such interest to investors from Europe and Asia that the decision was made to increase it to €500 million. Nearly 12% of this (US$ 65 million) was tendered in US dollars. The average interest rate of the loan is just under 1%, through which the Lenzing Group is financed less expensively than with previous bonded loans.
The total volume of the loan of €500 million will be available to the Lenzing Group in December 2019 and in January 2020, and is further distributed over tranches with terms of 5, 7 and 10 years. In addition, registered bonds will be put into place with a term of 15 years. The resources will be used for general corporate financing, for early refinancing of a bond tranche from 2015 and for important sustainable future projects by the Lenzing Group.

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More information: Lenzing Sustainability financing

Indorama: acquisition of Sinterama

The chemical company Indorama Ventures Public Co. Ltd. (IVL), Bangkok/Thailand, has successfully completed the acquisition of Sinterama SpA, Sandigliano/Italy, a leading manufacturer of polyester automotive interiors and high-performance colored yarns.
This acquisition elevates IVL’s capability to deliver comprehensive and innovative solutions in highly specialized applications including colored polyester yarns for the automotive, furnishing, apparel and technical applications. The combination of IVL’s existing manufacturing capabilities and supply chain with Sinterama’s portfolio gives IVL added momentum to serve the increasing demand for automotive and home applications.
Sinterama has approx. 890 employees working at 5 production sites in Italy, Brazil, China and Bulgaria. Sinterama’s expertise and network of strategically located facilities will be integrated into IVL’s existing specialties business.

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More information: Indorama Sinterama