Geschäftsentwicklung / Geschäftsführung / Managementposition



Business economist and employee with experience in business and product development, project management and strategy development
Management of multicultural staff, daily implementation of entrepreneurial ideas and practice and ability to work purposefully and independently
Loyal team member and leader who manages, with a flair for organisation, sensitivity, expertise and talent for communication, coaching, to react spontaneously to new challenges
Able to analyse complex issues, coordinate and manage stakeholders
Flexible, able to work in a team, international and highly motivated with a hands-on mindset

“The greatest future breakthroughs will come from leaders who encourage thinking outside a whole building full of boxes”. Every day brings changes and with these new challenges. Hard work, common sense, expertise and enjoyment provides the basis upon which these changes are faced positively and successfully. 

A visionary, using my analytical and communicational skills to convert ideas to business. I believe that my entrepreneurial thinking, my authentic appearance and my communication abilities would make a positive contribution to any business