Trendbook Technical Textiles 2016/2017

Trendbook Technical Textiles 2016/2017

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High-tech and innovation are the key words for technical textiles. Their further development, now more than ever, will depend on cross-industry cooperation, interdisciplinary research, new sectors and future markets.

In order to make reliable commercial decisions and to confidently assess development projects, carefully researched market data and clear trend statements from experts for the industry are of central importance. For this reason, we - the trade journal TECHNICAL TEXTILES / TECHNISCHE TEXTILIEN - published a totally new, comprehensively researched, multi-part reference book for the first time in 2011, to supply you with the necessary figures, facts and short-term forecasts.

Now in this 4th edition, trend reports from internationally renowned experts in the first section of the Trendbook highlight the current situation in the basic areas of fibers, nonwovens and the finishing of technical textiles, and provide market forecasts for the next 1-2 years.

Each Trendbook edition focuses on different application areas. The issue 2016/2017 concerns itself with the various aspects of global demographic change and its importance for the production of technical textiles and its associated industries. This time, further main topics are the Megatrends Female Shift and Innovation Management, as these will have increasing relevance for the SMEs in the B-2-B area of the textile industry in the coming years. As an interesting market for technical textile, this time we have chosen Africa.

On over 100 pages you will furthermore find a European market overview with detailed company information. This is split into the areas of fibers/chemicals/textile auxiliaries, textile machinery and technical textiles.

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