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Reifenhäuser Dr. Boerge Wessling and Stepan Gerharz

Reifenhäuser: new management for Reicofil

Effective April 1, 2021 Dr. Bernd Kunze has handed over the management of machinery and components manufacturer Reifenhäuser Reicofil GmbH & Co. KG, Troisdorf/Germany, to his 2 successors Dr. Boerge Wessling and Stephan Gerharz after more than 20 years in this position. Kunze moves to the Reifenhäuser Group holding, Troisdorf, where he will focus on his tasks within the group management and his role as CTO.
Wessling joined Reifenhäuser Reicofil in October 2020. He studied material sciences and gained his PhD in the field of electrical engineering. Formerly, he held a position as Managing Director in the high-technology equipment sector, focusing on Product Management and Sales. As Managing Director of Reicofil, he will be responsible for the areas of Sales, Service, Research & Development, Strategy, and Controlling.
Gerharz studied mechanical engineering and has worked at Reicofil for 20 years – until recently as Head of Order Management and member of the extended Management Board. As Managing Director, he will be responsible for Technology including special projects, Order Management, and Human Resources.


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Kuraray: new managing director for Kuraray Europe

Specialty chemicals producer Kuraray Europe GmbH, Hattersheim/Germany, has appointed Jun Inoue (photo) as the successor to Naoya Uehara who is moving to a new management role at Kuraray in Tokyo/Japan.
Inoue joins the management as co-managing director, alongside Dr. Matthias Gutweiler. He will also be in charge of the Advanced Materials division. In addition to the specialty chemicals business, he will therefore be responsible for the Elastomer, Dental, Industry and Microfibers business units. He intends to drive forward the focus on high-performance materials in Germany and Europe.
Priorities are materials with a strong sustainability profile and the establishment of innovative 5G technologies for production and service.

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RadiciGroup: circular fashion along the entire supply chain

The manufacturer of synthetic fibers and yarns, RadiciGroup, Gandino/Italy, is participating in the “Monitor for Circular Fashion”, an innovative Italian project launched by the SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan/Italy, and Enel X, Rome/Italy, with the objective of creating an Italian fashion community through the collaboration of the supply chain players most committed to the sustainability agenda.
The initiative aims to assess the state of maturity of the circular economy in the Italian fashion industry, to define an ambitious plan integrating circularity in fashion and to develop new concrete and measurable circular economy solutions through the sharing of best practices, with the goal of making the strategic fashion sector ever more sustainable.

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Assyst: Hans-Peter Hiemer new managing director

In the course of a general reorganization of the Human Solutions Group, Kaiserslautern/Germany, which also included the software developer Assyst GmbH, Aschheim/Germany, Dr. Andreas Seidl, the Group’s CEO, is withdrawing from the operational business. He will continue to be available to Assyst in an advisory capacity. Hans-Peter Hiemer is the new Managing Director of Assyst.
The process of greater independence for the individual companies of the Human Solutions Group, which was already initiated in 2018, is moving into the next phase: Human Solutions and Avalution have been acquired by Humanetics Group, Farmington Hills, MI/USA. Assyst is not affected by the acquisition.
Hiemer has known the apparel industry for around 30 years. As a consultant and manager, he has already worked for companies such as s.Oliver, the CBR Fashion Group, Orsay, Klingel, Zalando/Z-labels and Beeline. In recent months, he has supported Assyst's management in setting up an on-site administration.

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Archroma: new water-saving dyeing process for denim with Jeanologia

The launch of ‘Pad-Ox G2 Cold’, a water-saving dyeing process at room temperature for casual looks, has been announced by the producer of dyes and specialty chemicals Archroma Management LLC, Reinach/Switzerland, and the supplier of sustainable technologies for garment finishing, Jeanologia, Paterna/Spain
Archroma initially introduced its eco-advanced Pad-Ox dyeing process for woven fabrics. By combining the oxidation and fixation steps, it is possible to shorten the dyeing process and thus realize substantial resource savings in water, wastewater, cotton waste, and energy.
Meanwhile, Jeanologia has been working on the technology side, with laser and eco-finishing solutions. Its G2 Dynamic was the first ozone treatment for continuous fabric that reduces the amount of water and chemicals used, thus saving costs further down the textile chain. This technology makes fabric more stable and consistent and prepares the fabric better for the use of other technologies like laser.
In their joint project, the 2 companies have come up with a way to apply the Pad-Ox dyeing process at room temperature, whilst still improving fastnesses and allowing higher contrasts after washdown. The new Pad-Ox G2 Cold dyeing process works thanks to the insertion of very small machinery into the existing finishing range process, using cold processing and thus operating with much less water, carbon footprint and energy than traditional finishing processes, whilst retaining the water and other resource savings offered by the Pad-Ox technology.

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HeiQ: acquisition of Belgian industrial biotech company

The supplier of finishing technology, HeiQ Materials AG, Zurich/Switzerland, has acquired 51% of the share capital and voting rights of Chrisal NV, Lommel/Belgium. The company, with its office and manufacturing site in Lommel, will be renamed HeiQ Chrisal.
Chrisal is a biotechnology company and a leader in innovative ingredients and consumer products that incorporate the benefits of probiotics and symbiotics. It has 3 technology platforms, all with the purpose to create healthy and sustainable microbial ecosystems. The application of its proprietary technology includes cosmetics, personal care, textiles, wound dressings, water purification, air treatment and cleaning products.
With this strategic acquisition HeiQ enters the broader market of surface management and accesses a bio-based green complementary technology platform to its antimicrobials. It gives the company access to the technology platform of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics for bio-based odor and stain control for carpets and footwear, anti-allergen effect in mattress and bedding, microbial and viral protection for surfaces, anti-inflammatory effect in wound dressings, probiotic skin enhancing cosmetics, algae and biofilm control in drinking water as well as advanced symbiotic surface protection.

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More information: HeiQ acquisition Chrisal

The Lycra Company: Denise Sakuma new VP of Brands and Marketing

The provider of fiber and technology solutions The Lycra Company, Wilmington, DE/USA, announces the promotion of Denise Sakuma to vice president of brands, marketing communications, and merchandising.
With years of experience in building brands, Sakuma leads the global brand marketing communication capabilities in retail merchandising, new product commercialization, sustainability, public relations, e-commerce, creative, and social media. She is also spearheading The Lycra Company’s digital transformation.
Before her new role, Sakuma served as director of global ready-to-wear, denim, and woven segments. She also previously held the role of Regional Business Director for South America for 5 years in São Paulo/Brazil. Prior to that, she was the company’s Global Brand and Communications Director.

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