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Devan/Jeanologia: less water for antimicrobial and skincare finishes

To further reduce water consumption during the application of the Bi-Ome antimicrobial and R-Vital skincare range, the supplier of specialty chemicals Devan Chemicals NV, Ronse/Belgium, has been working together with the supplier of sustainable technologies for garment finishing, Jeanologia, Paterna/Spain.
With increased attention to climate change and limiting excess water consumption in textile production (whether denim or other textiles), the companies worked together to evaluate the application of Devan finishes onto garments using the patented e-Flow technology.
e-Flow technology can accomplish a considerable number of finishing effects with the highest quality, a minimal amount of water and zero discharge. The technology uses micronization and nebulization to substitute traditional abrasion process and deliver performance chemistry using nano-bubbles instead of water. It reduces the cost of application, saves the amount of water used and ensures that the correct amount of chemistry stays in the garment and not in the water. e-Flow is suitable for every industrial washing machine. This allows the application of Devan’s technologies in a more sustainable way than using traditional application equipment, even for smaller production runs and direct onto garments.

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Devan: bio-based fragrances for textiles

A new range of bio-based fragrances that uses traceable raw materials is being launched by the supplier of specialty chemicals Devan Chemicals NV, Ronse/Belgium. An external lab has confirmed that the bio-content of the fragrances is above 85%.
SceNTL is a range of encapsulated fragrances that can be integrated onto the fabric and are gradually released over time. Upon release, the fragrances appeal to the senses, promoting relaxation, wellbeing and feel-good sensations.
While synthetic fragrances are composed of synthetic, man-made ingredients, natural scents and oils are created by isolating natural aroma components from raw plant materials. Although aromatherapy is still a young and understudied domain, recent studies have shown that essential oils can indeed have neurological effects.
The new range is intended for low-wash items such as mattress ticking, decorative pillows, upholstery, curtains, carpets, etc. It can also be used as a natural ‘masking scent’ for products that have a strong artificial smell caused by the production process.

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