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Toray: porous carbon fiber with continuous pore structure

The fiber and textile manufacturer Toray Industries Inc., Osaka/Japan, claims to have created the world’s first porous carbon fiber with a nano-sized continuous pore structure. Using this fiber as a support layer could lighten advanced membranes used in greenhouse gas separation and hydrogen production and make them more compact, thereby enhancing performance.
Absorption and adsorption-based facilities conventionally separate carbon dioxide, biogas, hydrogen, and other gases. These consume a lot of energy, resulting in heavy carbon dioxide emissions.
Toray’s new material is chemically stable because it comprises carbon, and offers very good gas permeability. The material employs thin, flexible fibers, so when it is used to support gas membranes a module can house many of them. Modules can thus be compact and light. This makes it possible to combine a range of gas separation layers.
The company has created a porous carbon fiber with uniformly continuous pores and carbon. It is possible to set nano- through micro-level pore sizes for porous structures. Another possibility is to create a hollow fiber-shaped porous carbon fiber in the center of a fiber.
Prospective applications include electrode materials and catalyst carriers (base substances for fixing other substances) in high-performance batteries.

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Toray: Acquisition of Alva Sweden

The fiber and textile manufacturer Toray Industries Inc., Osaka/Japan, has announced that it has concluded an agreement with AB Anders Westerlind, Mölndal/Sweden, to purchase all of the shares of Alva Sweden AB (ASE), Mölndal/Sweden, a manufacturer of cushions for automotive airbag systems, and acquire ASE and its 2 subsidiaries, Alva Confecções S.A., Sintra/Portugal, and Alva Tunisia SA, Ariana/Tunesia. AB Anders Westerlind wholly owns ASE. The transaction would close soon after required official procedures are completed.
Toray’s airbag business encompasses polyamide fiber production operations in Japan, Thailand, and Mexico and fabric manufacturing sites in Japan, Thailand, China, the Czech Republic, India, and Mexico.

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More information: Toray Alva

Toray: supply agreement for tape technology with BASF

The producer and supplier of advanced composite materials Toray Advanced Composites, Morgan Hill, CA/USA, a subsidiary of Toray Industries Inc., Osaka/Japan, and the chemical company BASF SE, Ludwigshafen/Germany, signed a manufacturing and supply agreement focused on the production of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRT) tapes for the automotive and industrial markets.
Toray Advanced Composites will produce high quality and affordable CFRT tapes using Ultramid engineering thermoplastics developed and produced by BASF. The fiber manufacturer will reinforce BASF’s Ultramid PA6 resins with either glass fiber or with carbon fiber. The supply agreement enhances manufacturing capacity providing wider commercial availability of CFRT materials, which will enable the adoption of advanced materials for lightweight, structural components in a wide range of industrial markets. With these CFRT materials, automotive manufacturers can design and rapidly produce optimized components at a lower cost, while using the latest fabrication methods such as automated stamp forming and overmolding.


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Toray: new polyamide textile

A new polyamide textile that delivers high water repellency despite using a DWR treatment with a lower environmental cost has been created by the fiber and textile manufacturer Toray Industries Inc., Tokyo /Japan. For this purpose, a proprietary composite spinning technology called Nanodesign is being used.
The textile’s structure has microscopic slits running lengthwise on the yarn. Water repelling treatments fill these slits below the outside diameter of the yarn, also making the treatment more abrasion-resistant. This results in 2 benefits:
-    the construction enables the textile to use C6 water repellents, which are normally insufficient for outdoor sports
-    the textile provides more resistance to abrasion, which is a leading contributor to diminishing DWR performance.
Despite the slits, the textile has the strength and abrasion-resistance of other yarns and is processed the same way.
Recent years have witnessed increasing environmental consciousness and there are growing needs for materials using water repellents with low environmental burden such as C6 water repellents do not contain PFOA.


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More information: Toray

TenCate Advanced Composites changes to Toray PMC

The producer of thermoset and thermoplastic prepregs TenCate Advanced Composites, part of the Toray Group, Tokyo/Japan, is changing its name to Toray Advanced Composites. TenCate Performance Composites, a subsidiary of TenCate Advanced Composites, will subsequently change to Toray PMC. This name change which will be completed by July 17, 2019, will continue to demonstrate to customers the alignment with the Toray Group of brands and will be reinforced by a new visual identity.


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