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NCTO: new president and CEO

The National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO), Washington, DC/USA, has appointed Kimberly Glas as the organization’s new President and CEO, effective April 29, 2019. Glas will succeed Augustine D. Tantillo, who previously announced his intention to step down from the same position at NCTO.
Glas brings over 20 years of experience in government policy development and advocacy. Her multi-faceted career includes spearheading manufacturing and trade policy efforts, serving as a key leader on behalf of the textile industry in the Obama Administration, and most recently leading a non-profit organization working to advance critical policies to grow quality, US jobs in the clean energy economy.

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Performance Days: major topic "The Beauty of Function"

On May 8/9, 2019, the trade fair Performance Days will be hold with approx.. 300 exhibitors in Munich/Germany. Under the title “The Beauty of Function”, the beauty of functional fabrics will be the major topic of the coming fair. Functional fabrics and materials are not only suitable and necessary for sportswear: these fabrics are now so attractive, they are also giving a stylish “plus” to fashion design. The advantages of these fabrics can be appreciated almost anywhere; outdoors as well as in urban environments, for business clothing and for sportswear. The original DNA and the expertise for function comes from the field of sports. However, the benefits are now available to an ever-expanding clothing market — even for fashion lines. Urban collections in the sport sector are currently the motor for the industry. Designs that are functional while at the same time beautiful in a fashion sense enjoy a particularly long life cycle and because they are worn as “favorites,” they also contribute to sustainability.
As usual, Performance Days will approach the focus topic from different angles, highlighting the possibilities for both brands and the industry as a whole. The expert talks during day 2 of the fair picks up different points of view around the theme.
For further information: www.performancedays.com

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mtex+: new trade fair format with focus on lightweight textile design

On June 9-10, 2019, the 8th edition of the international trade fair for technical textiles mtex+ takes place in Chemnitz/Germany. The international exhibition entitled “Fair & Convention for High-tech Textiles” will be held in the new Carlowitz Congress Center in the city center.
One of the major emphases at the mtex+ will be lightweight textile design in all its facets. The textile themes of the LiMA lightweight design exhibition, which has been held alongside the mtex+ in the past, will be transferred in the new trade fair format. The topics of process development, textile engineering, digitalized value-added chains, services with potential for use across different sectors and recycling will be covered during the event. The highlights of the program will include workshops on effective and sustainable production, smart textiles, acoustic textiles, and a special exhibition on health and protective textiles as well as a network evening. Located not far from the border with the Czech Republic and Poland, the mtex+ will also act as a dialogue forum for potential cooperation partners across sector and international boundaries, both for these and other Eastern European countries.
The mtex+ takes place every 2 years. 159 exhibitors from 7 different countries (in conjunction with the LiMA lightweight design exhibition) attended the 7th edition in the spring of 2018. Of the approx. 1,000 trade visitors, 22% came from abroad.

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Huesker: neolaminate with lower weight with higher strength

The producer of geosynthetics and technical textiles, Huesker Synthetic GmbH, Gescher/Germany, will present the ready-for-market W8SVR Neolaminate at the JEC World 2019 from March 12-14 in Paris/France.
The neolaminate is a continuous-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) composite, developed as a refinement of organosheets. W8SVR achieves the same strength and stiffness as existing solutions while being up to 20% lighter. It is available in widths of up to 2,800mm.
Even with complex geometries, its high surface smoothness unlocks a wealth of new product design options, e.g. through the simple application of film or coated finishes. Where flexural stiffness is the focus of functional requirements, the neolaminate excels by offering up to 35% less deformation than conventional composites for the same thickness or weight.
The significant improvement in properties is achieved through the use of pre-stretched continuous fibers, unidirectionally arranged in a polymer matrix (UD tapes). In producing W8SVR neolaminate, the UD tapes are then processed, as required, practically without undulation (as woven fabric) or completely without undulation (laid fabrics). Direct mobilization of the unidirectional fibers optimizes resistance to the acting forces. Moreover, the fiber orientation can be freely chosen by the customer in order to best resist the expected loads in a particular part or component. At the same time, the near-net-shape production leads to a considerable reduction in waste.


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More information: Huesker

SSM: changes in management

The supplier of precision winding machines SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG, Horgen/Switzerland, a subsidiary of the textile machinery manufacturer Rieter Holding AG, Winterthur/Switzerland, has appointed Marco Mori (photo) as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) effective February 1, 2019. He also became member of the management team of the SSM Group. He holds a BSc in Business Administration from the University of Applied Sciences in Southern Switzerland (SUSPI) and has many years of experience in finance and controlling.
As of January 1, 2019 Roman Haefeli has been Head of Sales and member of the management board of SSM. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and has many years of experience in research, development, operations and sales.


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More information: SSM

Textechno: investment in testing systems by Michelman

The manufacturer of environmentally friendly materials Michelman Inc., Cincinnati, OH/USA, has invested in the Fimatest adhesion measurement system of the manufacturer of measuring and testing equipment Textechno Herbert Stein GmbH & Co. KG, Mönchengladbach/Germany.
Michelman counts on testing systems measuring the quality of fibers, fabrics, and the quality of the fiber-matrix adhesion to ensure their sizing solutions continue to contribute to enhanced performance of composite parts.


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More information: Michelman Textechno

Porcher: new Global Head of R&D

The technical textiles manufacturer Porcher Industries SA, Badinières/France, has announced the appointment of Jean Marc Senecot as the new Global Head of R&D for the Porcher Industries group. Senecot will lead the delivery of all new product development and technology projects, mainly in the areas of lightweighting, safety technologies and recycling through life cycle analysis.
The commitment is also highlighted by including R&D centers in key global sites, including a new plant in Zheigang/China. Inaugurated in 2018, this site is dedicated initially to the manufacture of technical textiles for the local automotive market, closely followed by the aerospace and industrial sectors. This Chinese production facility with a cash investment of US$50 million boasts state-of-the-art technology. In the USA, a new US$7 million purpose-built facility in Dansville, VA/USA, will also open.
Furthermore, throughout 2019 and 2020, a new Centre of Excellence will be created in Saint Julien en Saint Alban/ France, through the merging of the 2 existing sites of La Voulte/France and Saint Julien en Saint Alban/France. This new CoE will showcase Porcher Industries’ specific technology and expertise for Rubber Coated Yarns production and development.


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More information: Porcher

AATCC: international standard for resistance of e-textiles

The research committee RA111, Electronically-Integrated Textiles, of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC), Research Triangle Park, NC/USA, has approved its first evaluation procedure. AATCC EP13, Evaluation Procedure for Electrical Resistance of Electronically-Integrated Textiles, is one of the very first international standards for e-textiles.
The procedure provides detailed instructions for measuring resistance of e-textiles – a key indicator of functionality. It also includes guidance and calculations for determining change in resistance after laundering, stretch, or other treatment. The procedure can be performed on a variety of materials, including those with woven, knitted, printed, or stitched conductive elements. AATCC EP13 is suitable for component fabrics or complete e-textile products. It is designed to be performed in standard atmospheric conditions for textile testing and the apparatus can be purchased inexpensively from a variety of sources.


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More information: AATCC

Emtec: 300th TSA softness analyzer

At the beginning of 2019, the manufacturer of testing devices emtec Electronic GmbH, Leipzig/Germany, celebrated the sale of its 300th TSA softness analyzer. The device is currently used in 48 countries around the world.
The TSA can measure the 3 basic parameters which determine the human hand feel – softness, roughness and stiffness. It is able to provide the necessary data fast, accurately, reliably and repeatably.
The first device was sold to a tissue maker in 2007. Today, companies from all different parts of the tissue industry use the TSA including research institutes and universities, tissue machine manufacturers, chemical suppliers, tissue makers and converters, but also retailers.
The TSA has also been adapted to the special needs of the nonwovens and textile industries. The device supports all 3 industries in their R&D, process and product optimization, quality assurance, complaint management, benchmarking tests and marketing.

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Uster: automated fabric inspection systems

The provider of textile testing and quality control solutions, Uster Technologies AG, Uster/Switzerland, has expanded its technology to cover fabric production, with systems for automated fabric inspection which guarantee consistent and measurable quality.
With the EVS fabric inspection systems, Uster will seek to expand the scope for automated fabric quality assurance. This new offer is based on Uster’s acquisition in 2018 of Elbit Vision Systems Ltd. (EVS), the Israel-based pioneer in automated optical inspection equipment. Now incorporated within Uster, the EVS products are part of a comprehensive textile quality monitoring and control offering, from fiber to fabric.
EVS technology is applicable to wide-ranging fabric types and end-uses, including numerous specific and diverse segments of technical textiles.
The latest developments will be featured at the Techtextil North America from February 26-28, 2019 in Raleigh, NC/USA. They will display the classic Uster design and carry the new product designations: Uster EVS Q-Bar, Uster EVS Fabriq Vision and Uster EVS Fabriq Shade.

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