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Our trade journal Technical Textiles/Technische Textilien welcomed participants to the 2nd Business Forum Technical Textiles on May 23-24 at the Hilton Hotel in Frankfurt/Germany. Over the two days, around 100 participants attended a total of 26 presentations on research and practice for fibers, nonwovens and finishing, and end-uses in industrial and protective textiles. The second day looked at megatrends and their effect on the textile industry, and saw a focus on Africa as an emerging market, as well as China's growth and its sustainability management.


Fibers, nonwovens and objectives in research and practice
Colin Purvis, independent consultant and former Director General of the European Man-made Fibres Association (CIRFS), Brussels/Belgium, opened the forum with the presentation "Minimizing the environmental impact: European research and development for fiber innovations". Building on the key questions of whether environmental issues matter in the area of technical fibers, in the optimization of resource efficiency and the role of research and innovation are treated relevantly, he concluded that with a total of around €850 million being spent by fiber producers on research and development, there is a commitment to environmental innovation. Patrick Schiebel of the Faserinstitut Bremen (FIBRE), Bremen/Germany, then gave an overview of the development and potential of products made form carbon fiber reinforced plastics.
Dr. George Kellie referierte über Vliesstoffe in Forschung und PraxisDr. George Kellie, KellieSolutions Ltd, Tarporley/ UK, looked at the main application area and the most promising European markets for the sustainable production of nonwovens. He presented his prognoses for Asia with reference to the key drivers and trends. With a detailed look at market sectors and major investments in the region, he showed that the wipes and diapers market in China are set for massive expansion in the near future.
Anticipating future trends was the subject covered by Prof. Marc van Parys, University College Ghent, Ghent/Belgium, and Dr. Wilhelm Rauch, Industrievereinigung Chemiefaser e.V. (IVC), Frankfurt/Germany, assessed the advantages and disadvantages of REACh, which he concluded to be very work and cost intensive.

Industrial textiles
Innovative technical textiles in construction reinforcement and monitoring and in industrial application were the next topics of discussion. Prof. Klaus Holschemacher Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, Leipzig/Germany, talked about the increasing importance of technical textiles in the construction industry. Participants were given examples of development and application potential, and the requirements for the end-users' point of view. Ilkay Özkisaoglu, Frenzelit GmbH, Bad Berneck/Germany, gave an insight into an industrial application using ceramic fibers for fire protection materials, as well as materials and systems for thermal and acoustic insulation.

Protective textiles
Manuela Bräuning stellte die Forschungsergebnisse eines Projekts über CBRN-Gefahrenanlagen vorThe first day rounded off with a look at the official standards for personal protective equipment (PPE). Cornelia Albrecht, TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH, Cologne/Germany, first gave an overview of the official guidelines for PPE. An end-user's view was then given by Hartmut Ziebs, vice president of the German Firefighters Association, Berlin/Germany. He showed that theory and practice are most certainly not the same thing, as the temperatures to which firefighters, for example, are exposed by far exceed that which the PPE officially needs to repel. Dr. Matthias Künzel from the Institute for Innovation and Technology, Berlin/Germany, gave an in-depth report on public procurement in the safety industry, and finally, Manuela Bräuning of Eschler GmbH, Bailingen/Germany, presented the results of a major research project concerning CBRN.


Rund 100 Teilnehmer folgten den insgesamt 26 Vorträgen beim 2. Business-Forum für technische Textilien und VliesstoffeDay two of our Forum was kicked off by Prof. Jochen Pampel KPMG AG, Berlin/Germany, who in his presentation on megatrends stressed that more sustainability leads to more success. He was followed by Dr. Thomas Stegmaier, ITV Denkendorf, Denkendorf/Germany, who spoke about bionics and their use in textile technology. Research and development are currently being carried out in various areas such as multifunctional membrane structures, self-repairing systems and architectural materials. Wolfgang Frey, from the Architekturbüro Frey Bahlingen/Germany, then gave a very entertaining presentation on sustainable urban development, giving a number of examples of experiences and challenges as an architect. The textile industry in the second decade of the 21st century was presented to participants in figures and tables for Northern Europe by Werner Zirnzak IVGT, Frankfurt/Germany, and for Southern Europe by Aldo Tempesti TexClubTec, Milan/Italy.

Africa: between workbench and emerging markets
Get-together während der KaffeepausenThe African textile and apparel market were shown from an insider's perspective by Kassaye Mekuria, Nazareth Garment Share Company, Addis Ababa/Ethiopia. He emphasized that Africa will in future take over the role which until now has been played by China in textile production. The textile industry has always been mobile, and as prices for labor are now increasing in China, the obvious place to go is Africa. Stephan Rehlen, sequa gGmbH, Bonn/Germany, then spoke about the effects of Chinese involvement in the African textile and garment industry, and showed examples of best-practice by German companies.

Sustainable China
The final key presentation point was dedicated to sustainability in China. Eric Heymann, Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt/Germany, talked informatively about the role of green technology with respect to China's economic growth and sustainability. The development of cities and transportation politicies, as presented by Alexander Sohr, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Cologne/Germany, showed the challenges to resource efficiency and emission reduction.
Technology transfer as part of the 12th five-year plan was presented by Meiting Zhu, SZA Schilling, Zutt & Anschütz Rechtsanwalts AG, Mannheim/Germany, and best practice was discussed in terms of filter media for the Chinese market by Ralf Bauder from Mann + Hummel GmbH, Ludwigsburg/Germany, after which machinery for mobile textiles with reference to tire cord for China from Oerlikon was presented by Georg Stausberg, Oerlikon Textile GmbH & Co. KG, Remscheid/Germany.

The next Business Forum Technical Textiles will take place in 2014.


Gallery: Impressions from the Business Forum Technical Textiles 2012

Impressionen vom Business Forum Technical Textiles 2012


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